Synopses of Animation

A Runny Hose
Water Wally and his friends are out playing when they bump into Runny Hose, who wants to join in their fun and games too. However, Runny's leaky nose is getting everyone wet and ruining their fun! See how Water Wally fixes up Runny so that everyone can have fun together.

A Muddy Mess
Fiona the fish has spent the whole morning tidying up her house as she has invited Water Wally for tea. When it starts to rain, Sludge the mud-boy has fun skiing down the slope. Sludge soon causes a mudslide. The mud flows into the water and dirties it, including Fiona’s spick-and-span house. Water Wally quickly comes to the rescue with soil erosion net to stop Sludge from creating a bigger mudslide.

Bin There, Dump That
Fred and Water Wally are out picnicking at a reservoir while Bin happily gobbles up their rubbish. Later, Fred gets lazy and throws his litter into the water. The litter soon gathers into a pile of rubbish in the water and comes back to haunt Fred when he goes on a kayak race with Water Wally. Watch how Fred disentangles himself from this mess and learns his lesson.

The Big Race
It's the reservoir's annual kayak competition, and Water Wally and friends have trained hard for this day. They are greeted by fine weather and clean, beautiful water at the reservoir. Everything is perfect until Sludge gatecrashes the event. His water scooter, which is not eco-friendly, leaks and leaves a trail of fuel in the water. His bad littering habits further pollute the water. Although Sludge wins the race, he incurs the wrath of everyone and has to pay for it by cleaning up the reservoir.

Oil's Well Ends Well
The Oil Boys escape from a leaky grease can and find themselves in the reservoir, creating havoc and a huge headache for Water Wally. Due to their slippery nature, Water Wally has a hard time trying to stop them from creating more pollution. But the quick-thinking Water Wally soon have them under control.

Canal Capers
Iggy and Baggy are playing in a dry canal. Water Wally warns them to stay away as canals can fill up very quickly in a rain as they are linked to a network of drains. But the pair of insects still climbs over the bars in pursuit of their ball that had dropped in. The water level rises rapidly but fortunately for them,Water Wally saves them in the nick of time.

Barry's Big Bash
Water Wally is planning a big birthday bash for Barry. He enlists his friends to put together a plan to make the reservoir active, beautiful and clean, Sludge is jealous that he didn't get an invite and sabotages their plans by diverting the gang to a barren site. Undeterred, Water Wally gathers everyone and makes use of whatever they can find to turn the reservoir into a beautiful party site!

As Good As New
During a game of bath tub hockey, Water Wally gets himself all exhausted and dirty from playing in the soapy water! His friends suggest that he goes to a spa to relax, rejuvenate and get himself cleaned up. After a series of treatments, Water Wally emerges as good as new, ready to take on another round of hockey!

Camp H2O
Lindsay the lizard is used to having an endless flow of water from the tap. When she goes to an outdoor camp with Water Wally and friends, she continues to take water for granted. Her wastage causes the whole campsite to run out of water. Fortunately, an overnight downpour refills the water tank, and Lindsay learns her lesson!