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PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, is in constant pursuit of great ideas to transform into a Smart Utility of the Future. PUB Global Innovation Challenge seeks to accelerate our discovery and adoption of digital solutions and smart technologies to improve operational excellence and meet future water needs.

PUB invites companies, researchers, and innovators from all around the world to propose solutions to our challenges. Selected applicants of the PUB Global Innovation Challenge will be given the opportunity to validate their ideas and find the product-market fit in the water industry.

As one of the few utilities in the world to manage the entire water loop in a country, PUB offers unparalleled test-bedding opportunities. We are widely recognised by the international water community as a global hydrohub, with a living laboratory for testing water technologies. PUB is excited to partner innovators to co-create innovative water s​olutions, and provide support for the development, deployment and adoption of these solutions.

How to Participate

PUB Global Innovation Challenge presents a set of challenges that are drawn up by our very own officers who encounter these problems​ in their line of work. These Challenge Owners will be able to provide mentorship, and insights from the user and industry perspective.

Interested parties may submit their application for evaluation by our experts. Selected applications will receive funding and resources for prototyping, test-bedding, and even the opportunity to conduct live operations with PUB. You may find more information on our challenges below:

Current Status

Cycle 1 2020: Application Phase Ended​​​



Application Phase: >2 months
Evaluation Phase: 3 - 4 weeks
Interview Phase: 3 - 4 weeks
Pilot Phase: 6 - 18 months


Sensor Data Integrity Monitoring


Real-time Detection of Taste and Odour Compounds in Water


Seamless Coagulation Control




Automated Earth Control Measure Submission Evalua​tor


Robotics for Water Tank Cleaning


Automated Identification and Enumeration of Midge Populations

Ecosystem Partners

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