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Stormwater Management

Singapore has two separate systems to collect rainwater and used water. Rainwater is collected through a comprehensive network of drains, canals, rivers, storm-water collection ponds and reservoirs before it is treated for drinking water supply. This makes Singapore one of the few countries in the world to harvest urban storm-water on a large-scale for its water supply.

Singapore has 32 rivers and about 8,000km of drains, rivers and canals. To achieve better drainage, PUB has adopted a holistic “source-pathway-receptor” approach that covers Singapore’s entire drainage system, addressing flood protection not just along the drains and canals (Pathways) through which stormwater travels, but also in areas generating stormwater runoff (Source) and areas where floods may occur (Receptors).

For more information on flood management, please click here.

For drainage related submissions to PUB such as submission forms, standards and references and standard drawings, please proceed to the Qualified Persons portal.

Last updated on 19 Nov 2014