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What is RSS?
How do I access RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) gives you the latest news even when you are not on our website.

RSS is a free service that allows us to send you news straight to your computer. If you subscribe to it, you can receive news automatically every time we update the site. This automatic "feed" contains a headline and a link back to our website with a full story.

It saves you browsing since any new information is delivered directly to you.

RSS is simple, free and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

You can get an RSS feed of your favourite content wherever you see the orange RSS icon in your browser.

1. Install a RSS Reader software

To use RSS, you will need a news reader that will download and display the RSS content.

You can access your RSS in two ways. You can download a dedicated desktop reader. This allows you to store it on your main computer. Or you can set up a browser-based news reader. This allows you to catch up with your feeds from any computer and it does not need a software download.

You can download the reader from any of the provider below:

A Web-based RSS Reader:
Google Reader - www.google.com/reader

Some more common desktop based RSS Reader software:
FeedReader - www.feedreader.com
RSSBandit - www.rssbandit.org

2. Selecting content for your RSS Reader

Go to a page you like and look for the orange RSS icon.

Click on it. If you have Internet Explorer 7.0 or Firefox 1.0 and above, it will automatically add the feed to your browser-based newsreader.

If you have an earlier version of Internet Explorer, you will be taken to a new page. What you need to do is to cut and paste the URL of that page (not the contents of the page itself which is its coding) into your feed reader. Your reader will tell you how and where to save the URL. It is usually under the "add subscription" slot.

Last updated on 8 Jun 2015