Kallang River-Bishan Park ABC Waters Project

A joint collaboration between national water agency PUB and the National Parks Board, the Kallang River-Bishan Park ABC Waters Project was designed with a holistic sustainable approach in mind, and with the concept of integrating the park with the river.

One of the main features of the redevelopment is the restoration of the concrete canal into a naturalized river with bio-engineered river edges using a variety of plants and bedding materials. This project is the first of its kind in Singapore, and the integration of the river with the park aims to make the waterway more accessible to the public while creating more spaces for the public to enjoy.

The naturalized river will meander through the park and bring park users closer to the water, so they can enjoy it while appreciating the importance of clean water. The river is designed based on a flood plain concept whereby during dry weather, the river flow will be confined to a narrow stream in the middle of the river. The gently sloped river banks will form part of the park features, and park users will be able to walk along the water’s edge. In the event of a storm, the water level in the river will rise and the area adjacent to the river will be used as a flood plain to contain the rainwater.

The new Bishan Park will be home to diverse wildlife, with existing water bodies in the park playing an important role in promoting growth. These ponds will be developed into water features with soft, gradual edges, and integrated seamlessly with the river.

In addition, a water playground will be constructed as part of the redevelopment, allowing children to have fun with water and appreciate its qualities and value. Through these interactions with water, it is envisioned that the redevelopment of the park will both engage the public and foster a sense of communal ownership and appreciation for our water resources.

Artists’ impression of the redeveloped Bishan Park

The redevelopment of Bishan Park/Kallang River also includes the following:-

  • Cleansing biotopes in Bishan Park 1 which will offer effective water treatment while maintaining a natural and beautiful environment
  • Water cascades which will help to improve the water circulation of the existing ponds
  • Additional commercial spaces such as al fresco dining area in Bishan Park 1
  • Improved foot reflexology path
  • Additional carparks
  • 3 new playgrounds, inclusive of the water playground, each with a distinctive theme
  • A landmark viewpoint with art installation on the hill in Bishan Park 2
  • Bridges to improve the connectivity between the park and adjacent developments

The project will commence in Oct 2009 and is expected to complete in end 2011. When completed, the new Bishan Park will be transformed, enhancing the quality of life for residents in the area.

Layout plan of the redeveloped Bishan Park/Kallang River and the key features

Kallang River-Bishan Park Test bed

Although the use of bioengineering techniques as a method of slope stabilization is common in European countries, it is the first time that such techniques are being used in Singapore. Hence, a test bed was carried out in Bishan Park to monitor the performance of such a system in our tropical climate. The most suitable techniques, taking into account the slope of the river bank, type of plants as well as planned recreational activities in the proximity, will be eventually used in the main park design.

The test bed, 60 metres in length, is located beside the dog run area in Bishan Park 2. Approximately 10 different types of bioengineering techniques were tested. The river flow from an existing outlet drain was diverted to the test bed to simulate flows during dry weather and heavy rain. It will later be modified to replace the existing concrete outlet drain at the completion of the Bishan Park project.

Results of a 6-month monitoring period of the test bed following its installation in Feb 2009 have been encouraging, and the data collected have been used to refine the design for the naturalization of the canal at Bishan Park.

Transition of the testbed from the time of construction in January 2009

Layout plan of the testbed with the bio-engineering techniques

Kallang River Brochure
Last updated on 21 Sep 2010