Get ABC Waters Certified

ABC Waters Certification is a new scheme that was launched by PUB on 1 July 2010 to provide recognition to public agencies and private developers who embrace the ABC Waters concept, and incorporate ABC Waters Design Features in their developments. Besides providing recognition, the scheme also aims to ensure that the design features incorporated within the developments achieve a minimum design standard.

Application and Assessment

Application for ABC Waters Certification are open throughout the year. Developers of completed projects, projects under construction and projects under design stage can apply for their developments to be certified. No assessment fee will be charged for the certification. The application can be downloaded from here.

Evaluation and assessment of the projects is carried out based on the information submitted in the application form. Applicants are to ensure that the information provided are accurate and up-to-date. To ensure that the certified projects are implemented in accordance to the design, random verification will be conducted during TOP stage.
The validity of certification is three years. A nominal fee will be charged for re-validation of the certification.

Benefits of ABC Waters Certification

Under this scheme, public agencies and private developers of the ‘ABC waters certified’ projects are allowed to make use of the ABC waters logo to promote their developments as ‘ABC Waters certified’.

Last updated on 8 Jan 2016