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Corporate Social Responsibility

The spirit of sharing and caring has always been an integral part of PUB’s culture. We believe in being responsible corporate citizens who make a difference to society. We focus our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts in four areas as detailed in our CSR framework.

Corporate Philanthropy

PUB’s employees have been contributing to the SHARE programme since 1986 and are firm supporters of the Community Chest. In recognition of our long-standing commitment, ComChest awarded PUB its highest honour - the Pinnacle Award, in 2007.

PUB has also been a supporter of the Vertical Challenge - an annual fundraiser organised by the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, and PUB. Through active staff participation and generous donations, the Vertical Challenge raises funds for beneficiaries of the President’s Challenge.

Community Volunteering

Instead of monetary handouts, PUB helps needy families by installing water saving devices for them and educating them on water conservation. These visits organised in partnership with Community Development Councils (CDCs) and volunteers have helped them lower their utilities bills.

Children from PCNL enjoying an outing at NEWater Visitor Centre

PUB adopts a focused approach to community volunteering by building long-term working relationships one charity at a time. From 2004 to 2007, we collaborated with Singapore Children’s Society. Towards the end of 2007, PUB adopted PEACE-Connect Neighbourhood Link (PCNL). This voluntary welfare organisation works with close to 600 registered seniors and children residing in one-room flats, some of whom are on public assistance. Examples of activities organised jointly by PCNL and PUB include visits to homes, sponsorship of tea breaks for the elderly, distribution of rations, and outings for children.

Responsible Business Practices

In carrying out its usual business operations, PUB believes in being responsible to both - the environment and its stakeholders. At the workplace, PUB staffs adopt simple yet practical eco-office practices, thereby conserving resources. For this effort, PUB was awarded the Green Office Label by the Singapore Environment Council in 2007.

PUB protects staff and stakeholders by minimising their health and safety risks, putting in place the OHSAS 18801 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. To further entrench the value of health, safety, security and emergency preparedness, PUB established a dedicated unit – Health & Security, Safety & Emergency Planning Unit, to look into and address related issues and risks.

Recognising that PUB’s operations will inevitably affect the environment in one way or another, PUB is mindful to minimise the adverse impact of its operations. To this end, we established the operationalised ISO 14000/14001 Environment Management System for all key installations.

International Responsibility

In times of crisis, PUB has been quick to render assistance to other countries. In 2004, PUB raised funds and delivered about 3,000 water bags to victims of the South Asian tsunami, and shipped a desalination unit to the Maldives.

Reaching out beyond the local arena, PUB shares its expertise in urban water management with other countries and cities. Under an agreement with the World Health Organisation (WHO), PUB promotes the safe management of drinking water globally.

In addition, PUB also hosts study trips and conduct seminars to share water expertise with other international organisations e.g. UNESCO, UNEP, UN-HABITAT, Asian Development Bank and World Bank.

Last but not least, PUB offers its WaterHub as the Asia Pacific Regional Knowledge Hub, where developing countries can tap on PUB’s expertise, knowledge and skills.

Last updated on 20 Dec 2010