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Strategic Thrusts

PUB has ensured a diversified and sustainable supply of water for Singaporeans through five strategic thrusts:

  • Water for All
  • Conserve, Value, Enjoy
  • Competence
  • Connections
  • Creating Value

The twin thrusts – “Water for All” and “Conserve, Value, Enjoy” encapsulated in PUB’s vision statement.

Water for All represents our commitment to ensure the robustness, reliability and sustainability of our water supply.

Conserve, Value, Enjoy projects PUB’s 3P approach in reaching out to our stakeholders and involving the community in our work.

Underpinning the above are the 3Cs, which drive how PUB formulates policies and programmes to fulfill our mission and vision:

Competence is about getting our people to be technically competent. It is about investing strongly in our people -- in training, technology and creating an environment where our staff can be innovative, highly committed, responsible and always daring to try new ideas. PUB’s ability to remain a leading water agency depends on us making sure we keep on developing our competence as an integrated water resource agency with excellent people at all levels of the organisation.

Connections is about connecting with our customers, with the community, with the industry, and with other countries in order that people understand us, and work with us. Connecting with Singapore residents is the key part of our mission, but increasingly, we also have to connect with the world to help bring about more business for our water companies, and to keep abreast with technology and best practices.

Creating Value is the essence of price-minus that PUB embarked on since 2004. It is not about cost cutting to save money for the short term. It is about making sure we give value and ensure the sustainability of our water resources in the most cost-effective way. PUB’s work is very capital intensive, so a key challenge of Creating Value is to find better ways to manage our assets, especially in our plants and networks.

Last updated on 20 Dec 2010