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Outdoor Classroom

Join us at the Outdoor Classroom to learn about water through fun & simple experiments!

Choose from the following options:

Option 1: Tour of Visitor Centre + Osmosis workshop

In this workshop, students carry out experiments to observe how membranes filter selective molecules and substances. Students also learn about osmosis, and its relation to reverse osmosis (a process used during NEWater production). This experiment is suitable for upper secondary students.

Option 2: Tour of Visitor Centre + Filtration workshop

Students are given recycled materials and taught to build their very own mini rain-gardens. Students also learn about filtration and how rain-gardens help to cleanse water without the use of chemicals. This experiment is suitable for students of all ages.

Outdoor Classroom programmes are conducted from Tuesday to Friday at two available timeslots:

  • Morning session: 9:30am – 11:30am
  • Afternoon session: 2:30pm – 4:30pm
  • Duration

    Approximately 2.5 hours (inclusive of Tour)

    Maximum capacity per session

    Approximately 80 students. We would also be able to cater to any group size between 10 to 50 students.

    This programme is supported by PUB, at no additional charge.


    For bookings or more information, please email pub_newatervc@pub.gov.sg

    Last updated on 12 Dec 2013