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Code of Practice

Code of Practice on Sewerage and Sanitary Works

(First published, 2000)

Standard Drawings for Sanitary Works

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Drawings No. Sanitary Works
Drawing No.3-1a : Layout of Sanitary Drainage System
Drawing No.3-2 : Branch Drain-Line Connection on First Storey Level
Drawing No.3-3 : Branch Drain-Line Connection with Backdrop to Inspection Chamber
Drawing No.3-4 : Backdrop and Tumbling../Bay details
Drawing No.3-5 : Type Bedding for Drain-Line
Drawing No.3-6 : Floor Trap [For Connection to Inspection Chamber]
Drawing No.3-7a : Inspection Chamber and Break Joint for Drain-Line
Drawing No.3-8 : Wash Area
Drawing No.3-9b : Sanitary Drainage System for Food Shop
Drawing No.3-10a : Waste Sump (For Sullage Water Drainage)
Drawing No.3-11a: Sanitary Drainage System for Bin Centre and Refuse Chute
Drawing No.3-12a: Sanitary Drainage System for Market
Drawing No.3-13 : Floor Sump for Market
Drawing No.3-14 : Sanitary Drainage system for Toilet at Beach Site/Construction Site
Drawing No.3-15a : Fully Ventilated System with Ventilating Arrangement for Six-Storey or Lower ../Multi-Storey../Buildings
Drawing No.3-16a : Fully Ventilated System with Ventilating Arrangement for Seven-Storey or Higher Multi-Storey Buildings
Drawing No.3-17b : Single Stack System for Buildings Up to Six Storeys
Drawing No.3-18b : Ventilated Stack System for Buildings Up to Thirty Storeys
Drawing No.3-19 : Piping Arrangement for Floor Trap (P-Type) and Water Closet Pan Connected in Series
Drawing No.3-20 : Ventilating Pipe for Floor Trap Connection to Discharge Pipe (Without Water Closet Connection)
Drawing No.3-21 : Offset and Cross Venting
Drawing No.3-22 : Below Ground Details (Connection Between Discharge Stacks to Inspection Chamber)
Drawing No.3-23 : Jointing of Outlet of Pedestal Water closet Pan to Branch Drain-Line or Discharge Pipe
Drawing No.3-24 : Loop Venting Requirements for 3 or More../Waste../Basins Connected in Series and Other Waste Sanitary Appliance
Drawing No.3-25 : Loop Venting Requirements for 3 or More Wall Hung Urinals Connected in Series
Drawing No.3-26 : Flush Valve Installation for Water Closet and Wall Hung Urinal
Last updated on 28 Sep 2011