Stormwater Management Strategies

PUB adopts three key strategies for flood management and they are:


Providing adequate drainage ahead of new developments

  • Prior to any new land development, PUB works with agencies such as the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), Housing Development Board (HDB) and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to map out necessary drainage measures.

  • For example, to ensure that new roads are protected against flooding, PUB works closely with the relevant agencies to ensure that they are built to the required levels for flood protection and drainage systems along these roads are adequate.


    Implementing flood protection measures

  • To provide additional flood protection measures, PUB has put in place a Code of Practice on Surface Water Drainage that stipulates drainage requirements. This includes minimum platform and crest levels for buildings and entrances to underground facilities (e.g. basement carparks, underground MRT stations, etc).

  • In the case of older buildings, PUB will work closely with building owners to provide advice on appropriate measures to protect the buildings from being affected by floods.


    Continual drainage improvement in flood prone areas

  • These include widening and deepening of drains and canals to ensure adequacy of the drainage system. However, in low-lying areas, drainage improvement projects are effective only if the surrounding ground level is also raised. Such projects will be carried out when the area is redeveloped.

  • For existing low-lying and flood-prone roads, the road levels would be raised in either in conjunction with drainage upgrading works or LTA’s road upgrading works. One example is the raising of Orchard Road, which will give it an additional flood protection against intense rainfalls experienced in June 2010. When an area is earmarked for redevelopment, PUB will review the drainage system in that area and raise the building and road levels to increase the level of flood protection.

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    Last updated on 19 Nov 2014