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Environmental Sustainability

A Showcase for Environmental Sustainability
Marina Barrage is a showpiece of environmental sustainability, and won the Green Mark Platinum Infrastructure Award, the top award at the BCA Awards organised by the Building and Construction Authority in May 2009.

Green principles were applied in all aspects of the design, construction and operation of the barrage, to utilise energy and water efficiently and to minimise waste generated.
Green Roof

The iconic Green Roof uses 100% recycled plastics and eco-friendly drainage cells.

This large rooftop garden also provides natural heat insulation for the building. The grass and soil shield the building from the sun and reduces maximum surface temperature by 3˚C.
Double-Glazed Panels

Double-glazed glass panels also reduce heat penetration, minimising the electricity that the air-conditioning system needs to use.
Solar Park

The Solar Park is one of the largest collections of solar panels in Singapore. The 405 panels supplements daytime electricity needed for lightings in the gallery and offices in the barrage.

The Solar Park generates 76,000kWh electricity per annum, which is equivalent to the monthly electricity consumption of about 180 average households in Singapore.
Natural Lighting and Ventilation

The Pump House at Marina Barrage uses glass and louvers for its external walls so that the interior is lit by natural lighting. This also eliminates the need for air-conditioning and reduces electricity consumption and operation costs.
Using Water from Reservoir to Cool System

Marina Barrage uses reservoir water to cool down the drainage pumps and generators when they are operated. This has saved the barrage about 1,400m3 of water per annum (2011). This is about one Olympic size swimming pools of water.
Energy and Water-Efficient Fixtures

Marina Barrage uses waterless urinals and water-efficient taps in its restrooms. The non-flushing urinals do not need a water connection and flush valve. In addition, we have included the following features:
  • Automated taps
  • Dual flash cistern
  • Occupancy sensors for toilets (lighting)


    Marina Barrage has installed sub-metering for water and electricity within its facility to track water leakage, and monitor water and electricity consumption.
    Sustainable Singapore Gallery

    The facility houses a gallery highlighting Singapore’s efforts and achievements in maintaining a sustainable environment. Through interactive multi-media displays, exhibits and games, it educates the public about important environmental and water issues.
    Other Features
  • Use of energy efficient lightings (save 40% from conventional lights )
  • Use of photocells to sense the daylight condition so as to control the activation of external lighting on cloudy day and at night.

  • Use of architecture design (open space next to Info Counter and deck area on level 2) to create a wind tunnel effect to channel sea breeze into the centre of the barrage to cool its central courtyard
  • Install solar powered Vessel Impact Barrier lightings in the premises
    Community Outreach – Bag Your Trash

    Since 2009, Marina Barrage has launched a “Bag Your Trash” programme where members of the public are encouraged to take their trash with them and keep the environment clean.

    Marina Barrage also has volunteers on weekends to help remind the visitors to do their part in keeping the barrage litter free so that others can enjoy it more.