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Singapore Canoe Marathon 2011

Date of Notice : 28 Dec 2010
Period of Works : 5 Jan 2011 to 14 Jan 2011
Location : Marina Channel and Marina Bay
Crafts : SR 0305J, SZ19388D, SCF CT 01, SCF CT 02, SCF CT 03, SCF CT 04
Contact : Joseph Ang (SCF) Tel: 98624474


The Singapore Canoe Marathon is organised by the Singapore Canoe Federation, in preparation for the 2011 International Canoe Federation (ICF) Canoe Marathon World Championships - 19th Edition, at the Marina Bay Singapore.

The table below shows the schedule for the installation, setup, removal works related to the event.                           




Works Done

5 Jan 2011

0900hrs to 1800hrs

Towing of Pontoons from Gardens by the bay(east) to the Floating Platform at Marina Bay

7 Jan 2011 0900hrs to 1800hrs Setup of race course
9 Jan 2011

0800hrs to 1200hrs

1330hrs to 1800hrs

Singapore Canoe Marathon 2011
9 Jan 2011 1800hrs to 1900hrs Removal of the race course
Jan 2011
0900hrs to 1800hrs Towing of pontoons from the Floating Platform at Marina Bay to Gardens by the bay(east)
13/14 Jan 2011 0900hrs to 1800hrs Connecting back the pontoons at Gardens by the bay(east)

1.  All reservoir users are advised to be mindful of the ongoing activities near Gardens by the bay(east) and the Floating Platform at Marina Bay from 5 to 14 Jan 2011.

2.  All users are advised to observe the water traffic (refer to the maps attached) and stay clear of canoes and kayaks on 9 Jan 2011 and workboat towing pontoons on 5, 10, 11 and 12 Jan 2011.  


                                         Map 1. Water traffic management plan



             Map 2. Traffic plan between Bayfront bridge and Floating Platform at Marina Bay