Microbial Ecology of Drinking Water Distribution Systems

PUB and the Awwa Research Foundation (AwwaRF) have previously concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to carry out joint US-Singapore research collaborations. The first project identified under this MOU is titled "Microbial Ecology of Drinking Water Distribution Systems". This project is part of AwwaRF’s Distribution System Water Quality Strategic Initiative, a programme consisting integrated projects to study water quality changes taking place within drinking water distribution systems, including premise plumbing.

In this project, the objective is to develop broad-range ecological assessment of the microbiota within biofilms of distribution systems and in-premise plumbing to identify normal/baseline microbial community structures. This information is anticipated to provide insight into periods of system compromise where perturbations in the normal profiles of microbial community can occur. The scope of research work includes the selection and screening of a limited suite of molecular tools for their usefulness in determining a fingerprint of the microbial ecology, or the functional processes of the bulk water and biofilms on surfaces.

Under this collaboration, PUB brings together a team of researchers from the Singapore research community, while AwwaRF assembles a team of US-based scientists. The two research teams will work together to jointly develop a proposal that is mutually beneficial to PUB and AwwaRF, and jointly execute the project.

Last updated on 2 Sep 2010