Research & Development

The R&D culture in PUB is driven by the desire to (a) increase water resources, (b) keep costs competitive, and (c) manage water quality and security. By cooperating closely with our local and international partners to conduct applied R&D, PUB tirelessly strives to realise its mission of ensuring an efficient, adequate and sustainable supply of water.

Recognising its unique position as an end-user and a ready market for water technologies, PUB has since 1 May 2006 taken on the important function of supporting the efforts of the Environment and Water Industry Programme Office (EWI) to develop the environment and water industry by facilitating water-related R&D work.

In tandem with its approach to managing Singapore’s water resources in an integrated manner, PUB’s R&D work is centred on the water loop and focuses on the following 8 Key Domain Expertise (KDE):

  • Catchment & Reservoir
  • - Watershed and water quality management
    - Aquatic ecology monitoring and management
    - Water quality modelling
  • Drainage & Flood Management
  • - Study of hydraulics, hydrology
    - Drainage planning & design
    - Hydro informatics
    - Drainage modeling and flood forecasting
  • Water Treatment
  • - Potable water treatment
    - Water reuse
    - Desalination
    - Groundwater
  • Water Reclamation
  • - Application and control of the various used water treatment processes such as aerobic and anaerobic treatment
    - Nutrient removal
    - Sludge treatment, sludge pre-treatment and odour control processes
  • Water Supply Network
  • - Network planning & design, pipe-laying & rehabilitation technologies
    - Smart water grid
    - Asset management
    - Water efficient
    - Reuse & recycle technologies
  • Used Water Network
  • - Sewer grid with redundancy/backup for intense redevelopments
    - Durable and blockage-free sewers
    - Fully-monitored network to plan pre-emptive upgrades and maintenance
    - DTSS and large sewers that are self-sensing and maintenance-free
  • Water Quality
  • - Sensors for real-time
    - Online monitoring of operational water quality parameters throughout the entire water loop
    - Routine and non-routine water quality tests and investigations
    - R&D centre of excellence for water solutions
  • Climate Change
  • - Rainfall pattern in the Singapore context (extreme rainfall and sea level rising)
    - Assess climate change on Singapore’s water supply and drainage infrastructure
    - Formulate strategies and measures to protect our water resources and infrastructure

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    Last updated on 20 Feb 2014