R&D Approach in PUB

R&D in PUB takes place at three levels. At the first level, where upstream research is done, PUB may partner tertiary and research institutes in R&D projects which are of direct interest to PUB’s operations. For applied research, PUB’s researchers and water analytics laboratories possess capabilities in research analytics, advanced water reuse technologies, and water resources management.

PUB’s strength lies in the availability of facilities and laboratory support for conducting pilot-scale and demonstration-scale studies; the second and third levels of PUB’s R&D approach, respectively.

A pilot-scale study is an extension of fundamental research work (i.e., first level), whereby a laboratory-proven concept is tested in actual field conditions via an appropriately-sized unit. Subject to a successful pilot-study, PUB may consider moving on to the third level – a demonstration-scale study. In the third level, a working plant may be constructed and operated so that operational and process challenges, if any, can be designed for in a full-scale plant.

Last updated on 22 Apr 2013