An Institute for Advanced Learning for Water Professionals

Academy@WaterHub works closely with strategic partners like the Institute of Water Policy (Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore), Singapore Water Association, Singapore Society for Trenchless Technology and Institute of Engineers Singapore to build expertise and groom the water workforce. It also partners academic institutions to develop educational programmes to train a competent workforce for the growing water industry.

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Since 2004, WaterHub has been collaborating with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs under the Singapore Cooperation Programme umbrella in providing training in water resources and management to participants from the developing countries. WaterHub is also a Regional Water Knowledge Hub of the Asia-Pacific Water Forum. We also organise study trips to local water companies in our courses to allow our participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of Singapore's holistic and integrated water management.

Training Programmes:

  1. Advanced Water Treatment Technologies
  2. Leak Detection Test for Used Water Pipes
  3. Membrane Bioreactor for Water Reclamation – the Engineering Aspects and Plant Optimisation
  4. Reverse Osmosis 1– Design & Engineering
  5. Reverse Osmosis 2 – Operation, Monitoring & Troubleshooting
  6. Sewer Pipeline Assessment Certification Programme - Part 1 CCTV Inspection of Sewer
  7. Sewer Pipeline Assessment Certification Programme - Part 2 Interpretation of CCTV Videos and Preparation of Assessment Reports
  8. Sewer and Manhole Cleaning
  9. Temasek Foundation Water Leadership Programme 
  10. Water Efficiency Manager Course
  11. Design of Water Treatment Plant & Processes
  12. Water Projects Financing
  13. Refresher Course for Licensed Plumber
  14. Management of Water and Environmental Services for Estate Managers (Updates will be provided soon)
  15. Design of Used Water Treatment Plant & Processes
  16. WSQ Certified Used Water Treatment Operator
  17. WSQ Certified Used Water Treatment Technician
  18. WSQ Certified Used Water Treatment Supervisor
  19. WSQ Certified Water Treatment Operator
  20. WSQ Certified Water Treatment Technician
  21. WSQ Certified Used Water Collection Technician
  22. WSQ Certified Water Collection Technician
  23. WSQ Certified Water Distribution and Conservation Operator
  24. WSQ Apply Project Management Skills


WaterHub accredits its training programme in accordance with the requirements set by the Professional Engineers Board’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme. To learn more on accreditation, please refer to

The Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) is a national certification issued by Singapore Workforce Development Agency. As an Approved Training Organisation, PUB offers WSQ certified Water and Used Water Treatment Programmes.

Last updated on 6 Jul 2015