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10 Mar 2017Introduction of New Online Submission System for Licensed Plumbers and Discontinuation (Termination) of Hardcopy and Fax Submission
31 Jan 2017New Public Utilities (Protection of Water Pipes Infrastructure) Regulations and Sewerage and Drainage (Protection of Public Sewerage System) Regulations
22 Dec 2016Revised Application Forms for Submission to PUB
24 Aug 2016Introduction of New Electronic Forms
30 Jun 2016Formation of Separate Technical Agencies (TAs)
22 Jun 2016Update to Form for Application for Clearance Certification for Detailed Plan on Drainage & Sewerage Works (PUB-BPU-CLRDP01) and Consultation Process with PUB
03 Mar 2016Upgrades to Self-Service Portal for the Purchase of PUB Service Plans
10 Feb 2016Clarifications on Forms Used for Sewerage and Drainage Clearances in CORENET
30 Nov 2015Introduction of New E-Services and Improved Service Standard
28 Aug 2015Reminder on Drawing/Plan Formats and the Use of Correct Form for Detailed Plan Submissions
21 Apr 2015Introduction of New E-Service to Request for PUB Services Plan (SIP/DIP/WSP)
05 Jan 2015Quick Guides on PUB Submissions