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Date Title Subject  
06 Jun 2024 Circular - Release 3 of PUB Business and Professional Portal Building Plans Download
17 Apr 2024 Circular - Enhancement of Communication Channels With Industry Stakeholders Building Plans Download
02 Apr 2024 Revised CCTV Requirements for SIDS Implementation Earth Control Measures Download
21 Mar 2024 Circular - Update to Release 2 for PUB B&P Portal Building Plans Download
06 Mar 2024 Circular - Release 2 of PUB Business & Professional Portal (B&P Portal) Building Plans Download
29 Jan 2024 Reminder on Annual Water Tank Certification Requirements Licensed Plumbers Download
29 Dec 2023 Circular - Changes to Simplified Submission (SS) Scheme Building Plans Download
19 Dec 2023 Standard Connection Charge for PUB Water Supply to Private Property Developments Licensed Plumbers Download
11 Dec 2023 Expansion of Earth Control Measures (ECM) Self Declaration Scheme - Phase 3 Earth Control Measures Download
01 Dec 2023 Circular – Assessment to Re-use Drain-line Connection [from Last Inspection Chamber(IC)to Public Sewer] for New/Re-development Project Building Plans Download

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