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Good Earth Control Measures Keep Our Waterways Clean and Beautiful

After a heavy downpour, our waterways often turn brown due to silt washed down from exposed earth surfaces and construction sites.

To tackle the problem of silty discharge, PUB has been working with stakeholders to implement good Earth Control Measures (ECM) practices through education and engagement, as well as technology upgrading.


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Our Approach

PUB adopts a co-ownership approach to develop ECM competency within the construction industry and to move the industry towards self-regulation.

PUB works with our technical, industry, and agency partners to provide the tools for contractors to implement ECM effectively throughout various stages of the construction works from planning, setup to operation.

To educate the industry, PUB together with Singapore Contractors Association Ltd (SCAL), Institute of Engineers Singapore (IES) and other public agencies, holds seminars and sharing sessions on erosion and sediment control.

Since 2007, the Code of Practice on Surface Water Drainage was revised to require contractors to implement ECM best practices at worksites. Contractors are also required to submit an ECM plan to PUB, designed and endorsed by a Qualified Erosion Control Professional, and implement the ECM plan before the start of any construction work. 

For more information, download the ECM Guidebook (2018 Edition).

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