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Smart water meters help empower households and businesses in managing water consumption. Similar to a speedometer but for water, this technology provides near real-time usage data, allowing users to adjust habits, save water, and reduce costs. Monitoring daily water usage is now a hassle-free experience, enabling everyone to actively contribute to Singapore's water sustainability.

Benefits of Smart Water Meter

Here's how you can benefit from using a smart water meter, from getting timely updates to saving water and money.
Timely update
Get near real-time information of
your water usage
Data at your fingertips
Access your water usage data
anytime, anywhere
Free and simple installation
Smart water meter is installed for
you at no cost
Notification and leak alerts
Be notified of unusual water usage
and suspected leaks
Save water and money
Track and monitor your water usage
more accurately

Login to MySmartWaterMeter

MySmartWaterMeter is only accessible to households that have recevied the invitation letter and installed the smart water meter.

Resources for Households 

Resources for Business