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Introduced in 2017, the Water Efficiency Awards (WEA) is a biennial award which recognises the top water efficiency performers in the respective sectors. The best performers in each sector refer to premises with the lowest Water Efficiency Index (WEI), or industrial plants with the highest recycling rates. Presented by PUB, this award has evolved from the Water Efficiency Building (Gold & Silver) Certification.

Qualifying Criteria and Evaluation

To be recognised by the WEA as a water efficient site, these premises’ WEI must be within the top 10th percentile value (i.e. having the lowest WEI) or have the highest recycling rates in the industries sector.

All qualifying award winners must be certified under Water Efficient Building Certification and are the best performers within their sectors.

How is WEI Calculated? 

The WEI serves as a performance indicator for water efficiency, and it refers to the amount of water used per business activity indicator*. 

WEI = Total amount of water consumed / business activity indicator

*Business activity indicator – A measure of business activity that takes into account the business operations of the water user. 

WEA 2017 Winners

On 21 Nov 2017, 27 award recipients from seven sectors (Office, Retail, Hotel, Wafer Fabrication, Refinery, School and Estate) received the Water Efficiency Awards from Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources. They were acknowledged for their outstanding efforts in using water efficiently in their operations.

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