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PUB confers two awards: Water Efficiency Awards (WEA) and WEA (Projects) to recognise the top achievers in water efficient operations and acknowledge the improvements by organisations in rolling out water efficient practices.

Water Efficiency Awards (WEA)

Introduced in 2017, the WEA is presented to the top water efficiency performers in their respective sectors. The best performers in each sector refer to premises with the lowest Water Efficiency Index (WEI), or industrial plants with the highest recycling rates. This award has evolved from the Water Efficiency Building (Gold & Silver) Certification.

WEA Qualifying Criteria and Evaluation

To be recognised by the WEA as a water efficient site, these premises’ WEI or recycling rates must be within the top 10th percentile.

All qualifying award winners must be certified under Water Efficient Building Certification and are the best performers within their sectors.

How is the WEI calculated?

The WEI serves as a performance indicator for water efficiency, and it refers to the amount of water used per business activity indicator. Business activity indicator is a measure of business activity that takes into account the business operations of the water user. 

WEI = Total amount of water consumed / business activity indicator

WEA (Projects)

A new category introduced in 2024, the WEA (Projects) recognises innovative projects that demonstrate remarkable improvements in their water efficiency. Nominations for WEA (Projects) 2024 are open to all organisations, including non-domestic industrial water users (e.g., private companies, businesses), schools and town councils.

WEA (Projects) Evaluation Criteria

All nominations will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Performance – Demonstrate efforts and quantifiable results in the reduction of water demand from PUB, increase in recycled water from within the plants/premise, reduced costs and demonstrable return on investment.

Innovativeness – Demonstrate innovative use of technology, process improvements to reduce water use or promote recycling.

Project Leadership – Demonstrate collaborative efforts to overcome unexpected obstacles and challenges.

Success of the Project – Demonstrate successful operation of the project, in accordance with all regulatory requirements.

WEA (Projects) Qualifying Criteria

• A valid nominee for the WEA (Projects) should be a project commissioned between 1 Jan 2019 and 31 Dec 2022, which have achieved exceptional, significant, measurable water efficiency improvements with successful operation of the project, and in accordance with all regulatory requirements in Singapore.


• The Organisation benefitting from the nominated project (with measurable water efficiency improvements) must be registered in Singapore. Organisation refers to entities registered with ACRA, Education Institutions, and Town Councils.


• Organisations are invited to submit their applications while third parties (such as partner organisations, government agencies, etc.) may also nominate an organisation by submitting the application.

Winners of WEA and WEA (Projects)

On 26 Mar 2024, 35 organisations received the Water Efficiency Awards while 8 organisations received the Water Efficiency Awards (Projects) from Mr Baey Yam Keng, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment. 

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Here is the list of 2017 winners.