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Driven by the vision of sparkling rivers with landscaped banks, kayakers paddling leisurely in clean picturesque lakes, Singapore has undertaken the challenge of transforming into a City of Gardens and Water.

Over the years, a network of about 8,000km of waterways and 17 reservoirs has been developed since PUB launched the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Programme in 2006. It is a strategic initiative to improve the quality of water and life by harnessing the full potential of our waterbodies.

By integrating the drains, canals and reservoirs with the surrounding environment in a holistic way, the ABC Waters Programme aims to create beautiful and clean streams, rivers, and lakes with postcard-pretty community spaces for all to enjoy. 

Keep Our Waterways Clean

Why is it important to keep our drains and waterways clean?

We harness rainwater for treatment into clean drinking water. This is the first of four National Taps.

Rainwater is collected through a comprehensive network of drains, canals, rivers and stormwater collection ponds before it is channelled to Singapore's 17 reservoirs for storage. Litter can contaminate and pollute the water we need for drinking. Watch the video to learn more.


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