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As an engineer with PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, you will be involved in the unprecedented challenge of securing Singapore’s water future. Whether you are interested in engineering, coastal protection, water supply, reclamation, production or even data analytics, PUB has something for you.

We do this by providing a supportive work environment and carving out challenging roles that enable our people to shine. While we depend on people with diverse skills, engineering is our core competency. We are an interesting organisation because of the variety of work involved, the large scale of our projects and the use of cutting-edge technology. Our work makes a difference in people’s lives and the environment, both in Singapore and beyond.

One vital role our engineers play is in equipping our country to cope with climate change. Besides managing water demand, you will be pivotal in ensuring that PUB’s plans and policies ensure reducing the risk of flooding due to more intense rainfall or rising sea levels as well as minimising disruptions to our tap water and used water services. In addition, we are helping to cut carbon emissions. We do this not only by maximising energy efficiency in our water treatment processes but also by generating electricity through them. To help Singapore harness solar energy, we are working with other government agencies to install solar panels at our facilities and deploy floating solar farms on our reservoirs.

You will be involved in but not be limited to the following:

Developing and managing Singapore’s water resources

  • Provide long term systems planning for our water supply, used water and reclaimed water system

  • Review long-term national infrastructures plans to ensure that adequate drainage systems are put in place ahead or in tandem with developments

  • Project planning, design and construction management of projects to enhance the used water network

Developing coastal protection plans

  • Develop long term coastal protection planning strategies and principles as part of the Coastal Protection Master Plan that will shape coastal protection plans and programmes

Reaching out to the people, private and public sectors

  • Plan and develop stakeholder engagement plans, to educate, increase awareness and get buy-in for PUB and Government’s initiatives and programmes from our stakeholders

If the points above resonated with you, we want you on our team to write the next chapter of Singapore’s water story with us.