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Coastal protection is a complex and long term undertaking. Beyond protecting Singapore from rising seas, it is also an opportunity for us to reimagine and remake our coastlines. The measures to be developed should be multi-functional, and integrated with land use and development plans. We will seek to design with nature where possible, to enhance the living and natural environment. We invite the community and various key stakeholders to share their views and contribute ideas to how we envision our future coastal areas to be.

Given Singapore’s varied land use, site-specific studies are being carried out progressively to formulate customised measures for the different segment of the coastline. We will explore a range of solutions that can be flexible and adaptive to enable us to adjust accordingly to new developments in climate science. We will engage widely with different stakeholders to seek feedback on the proposed protection measures when ready.

Our Coastal Conversation

Our Coastal Conversation is a series of community dialogue sessions to engage and seek ideas and inputs from the public and stakeholders as we develop potential coastal protection measures.

Our Coastal Conversation: City-East Coast

PUB commenced a site-specific study along the City-East Coast stretch in May 2021, to explore possible solutions to protect the coastline from the threat of rising seas caused by climate change. The study covers 57.8km of the coastline, across three areas – Changi, East Coast-Marina and the Greater Southern Waterfront district. This section of the coastline had been prioritised based on factors such as the potential impact of a flood event, criticality of assets (e.g., airports, economic and industrial districts) and opportunities to dovetail with upcoming developments. The study will take around four years to complete. More information about the study can be found here.

We organised two community dialogue sessions in October 2022 to engage the public on coastal and inland flooding, specifically for the City-East Coast stretch.

Inaugural Session on 15 October 2022

Over 80 attendees from diverse backgrounds — nature groups, professional associations, business representatives, community leaders, residents, and students — joined Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Ms Grace Fu and Speaker of Parliament Mr Tan Chuan-Jin at the session.

Participants gained better knowledge about coastal and inland flood risks, the considerations and trade-offs involved, as well as potential coastal protection measures that can incorporate nature elements from other countries’ case studies. There was also lively discussion among participants on how we can protect our coastal areas and build resilience in our community.

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​We were amazed at the enthusiasm and energy that the participants had brought to the conversation. Many shared a common desire to protect our cherished coastal areas and enhance our community spaces with innovative design and solutions. Check out the visual recording summarising the session’s discussions!

OCC Visual Recording (15 Oct 2022)​​​

Session on 28 October 2022

  • With Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment Dr Koh Poh Koon and Senior Minister of State for National Development Mr Tan Kiat How:
    28 Oct 2022 (Fri)
    6.30PM – 9.30PM

Registration for the sessions has closed. Watch this space for other upcoming engagement sessions!