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Ministers message

Every 22nd of March, countries around the world commemorate World Water Day. So does Singapore. We celebrate World Water Day to remind us that water is an invaluable and finite resource. Water is essential to life and existential to Singapore. Our viability and quality of life depend on the availability of clean water. 

National water agency PUB’s ability to secure diversified water sources through the Four National Taps reflects the resilience of our water supply. We have made steady progress but we cannot rest on our laurels. Our water demand is projected to double by 2065 with the growth of our economy and population. On the other hand, we face changing weather patterns, such as prolonged droughts, brought about by global warming. This has a direct impact on the viability of our weather-dependent sources. 

We need efforts from our people, community and industry to enhance our water efficiency and conserve water. These complement the Government’s water management strategies and infrastructure improvements to ensure our resilient water supply. Collective action is necessary to protect and conserve our water sources so that we can build a resilient water supply for many generations to come.   

I am glad to see the active participation of schools, the community and our corporate partners on Singapore World Water Day, in promoting the sustainable use of water. PUB’s campaign this year reminds us how water saving actions – no matter big or small – can make a difference. It can be as simple as turning off the tap while brushing our teeth or switching to a more water-efficient washing machine – these actions are all OK! Companies can also contribute by implementing water saving and recycling practices in their operations. Every drop of water saved through our actions will help to stretch our limited water resources further.

Today, let us commit to making positive changes to our daily routines and water usage habits. Remember - Big Ways, Small Ways, All OK! With everyone’s commitment, we can strive towards securing a more resilient and sustainable water future for all. 

Wishing all a meaningful and happy World Water Day 2024!


Grace Fu
Minister for Sustainability and the Environment
and Minister-in-Charge of Trade Relations