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Start Date End Date Notice Title
24-Jun-24 28-Jun-24 Underwater Inspection of Floating Structures at SPECTRA Light and Water Show
10-Jun-24 10-Jun-24 Lighting Repair and Maintenance Works at Various Locations Along Marina Channel and Singapore River
03-Jun-24 31-Mar-25 LTA Contract TR370 - Painting of Bridge Elements Along Singapore River
28-May-24 31-May-24 Fire Drill at Marina Barrage
24-May-24 22-Aug-24 Installation and Removal works for Fireworks Display and Closure timings at Marina Bay for NDP 2024
23-May-24 23-Jun-24 PAssion Wave Marina Bay - Glow PAddle Dragonboat Night Expeditions
20-May-24 24-May-24 Inspection of Floating Structures at Collyer Quay
20-May-24 26-Jun-24 Installation and Removal works for Artwork At iLight Singapore 2024
20-May-24 23-May-24 PAssion Wave Marina Bay 200m Dragon Boat Challenge
20-May-24 25-May-24 SDBA Dragon Boat Festival - National Inter-schools and Exxonmobil Sports and Family Day 2024
08-May-24 12-Aug-24 Temporary Restricted Area For Aerial Activities
07-May-24 08-May-24 Bridge Closure for Maintenance
22-Apr-24 12-May-24 PAssion Wave Dragon Boat Expedition
15-Apr-24 18-Apr-24 Bridge Closure for Maintenance
15-Apr-24 21-Apr-24 Ocean Paddling Community Day
10-Apr-24 15-Apr-24 Singapore T100 2024
01-Apr-24 02-Apr-24 Bridge Closure for Maintenance
22-Mar-24 22-Mar-24 2024 Corporate TGIF Series 1
19-Mar-24 20-Mar-24 Bridge Closure for Maintenance
11-Mar-24 12-Mar-24 Bridge Closure for Maintenance
21-Feb-24 31-Dec-26 Construction of NS Square at Marina Bay –Floating Site Office
20-Feb-24 22-Feb-24 Bridge Closure for Maintenance
14-Feb-24 28-Feb-24 Installation and Removal works for Chingay 2024 Fireworks Display and Water Closure Timing at Marina Channel
09-Feb-24 10-Feb-24 Barrage Cove - CNY Operating Hours
02-Feb-24 09-Feb-24 Closure of MB1 Lift for Maintenance
25-Jan-24 02-Feb-24 Pontoon Installation and Removal Works in Kallang Basin and Marina Channel
18-Jan-24 22-Jan-24 2024 Singapore Canoe Marathon
09-Jan-24 02-Feb-24 Bridge Closure for Maintenance
18-Dec-23 05-Jan-24 Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2023/2024 Fireworks Set up and Removal works and Full Water Closure Timings at Marina Bay
05-Dec-23 08-Dec-23 Barrage Cove Closure from 06 - 08 Dec 2023
04-Dec-23 14-Dec-23 Closure of Water Playground for Maintenance
30-Nov-23 14-Dec-23 Bridge Closure for Maintenance
23-Nov-23 27-Nov-23 Singapore Regatta Waterfest 2023
20-Nov-23 23-Nov-23 Bridge Closure for Maintenance
11-Nov-23 11-Nov-23 DB Hearts Challenge 2023
03-Nov-23 06-Nov-23 Fire Drill at Marina Barrage 2023
31-Oct-23 01-Nov-23 Closure of Marina Bridge
27-Oct-23 05-Nov-23 POSB PAssion Kids Run - Hansa Sailing try-outs
25-Oct-23 13-Nov-23 Asian Canoe Polo Championships 2023
25-Oct-23 03-Nov-23 To conduct mooring lines inspection and repair, installation of water pump for Marina Bay Sands Light and Water Show
23-Oct-23 30-Nov-23 Structural Assessment Work to Concrete Ramp at Kallang NCC at 5 Stadium Lane
22-Oct-23 22-Oct-23 Sunset Paddling Expedition
20-Oct-23 21-Oct-23 Row For Hope 2023
11-Oct-23 14-Oct-23 AustCham 10 km Dragon Boat Challenge
11-Oct-23 31-Oct-23 Structural Inspection Work to Steel Footbridge
06-Oct-23 13-Oct-23 Police Dragon Boat Championship 2023
04-Oct-23 27-Oct-23 Closure of Green Roof for Private Event
04-Oct-23 27-Oct-23 Closure of Sustainable Singapore Gallery for Private Event
04-Oct-23 11-Oct-23 Closure of Water Playground at Marina Barrage
03-Oct-23 12-Oct-23 Bridge Closure for Maintenance
27-Sep-23 26-Mar-27 Construction of NS Square at Marina Bay
22-Aug-23 14-Sep-23 Bridge Closure for Maintenance
09-Aug-23 09-Aug-23 No Parking for Buses Coaches at the Marina Barrage Car Park
09-Aug-23 09-Aug-23 National Day Celebrations at Marina Barrage
05-Aug-23 06-Aug-23 2023 Pesta Sukan Canoe Sprint
25-Jul-23 26-Jul-23 Bridge Closure for Maintenance
21-Jul-23 08-Aug-23 PESTA SUKAN 2023 DRAGON BOATS RACE
19-Jul-23 28-Jul-23 Temporary Closure of Water Playground for Maintenance
15-Jul-23 15-Jul-23 Tampines North Canoeing Mini-Carnival 2023 (3rd Edition)
03-Jul-23 06-Jul-23 Bridge Closure for Maintenance
26-Jun-23 28-Jul-23 To Conduct Mooring Lines Inspection and Repair, Installation of Water Pump for Marina Bay Sands Light and Water Show.
23-Jun-23 23-Jun-23 Kayaking Event @ Marina Barrage for PUB’s 60th Anniversary
06-Jun-23 07-Jun-23 Bridge Closure for Maintenance
06-Jun-23 12-Aug-23 Temporary Restricted Area (TRA) for Aerial Activities at Marina Barrage
05-Jun-23 22-Sep-23 Towing of vessels and pontoons from Clarke Quay to Kallang Riverside Park and removal of piles at Clarke Quay
03-Jun-23 04-Jun-23 2023 Singapore Sprint Cup
29-May-23 30-May-23 Principal Inspection Of Bridges
22-May-23 22-Aug-23 Installation and Removal works for Fireworks Display and Closure timings at Marina Bay for National Day Parade 2023
16-May-23 31-May-23 Pipe-laying Works at Marina Barrage Drop-Off Area
11-May-23 16-May-23 Bech Bruun Match Race Event 2023
04-May-23 04-May-23 Fire Drill At Marina Barrage
24-Apr-23 27-Apr-23 Removal And Lifting Of Pontoon Under Benjamin Shears Bridge
17-Apr-23 20-Apr-23 Bridge Closure for Maintenance
30-Mar-23 31-Mar-23 Bridge Closure for Maintenance
20-Mar-23 22-Apr-23 Concrete Repair Work To Vehicular Bridge At Eu Tong Sen Street/ Coleman Bridge
06-Mar-23 08-Aug-23 Works At Kallang Basin
28-Feb-23 01-Mar-23 Bridge Closure for Maintenance
27-Feb-23 01-Mar-23 Pipe Replacement Works And Courtyard Toilets Closure
15-Feb-23 14-Mar-23 Enhancement Works outside the Sustainable Singapore Gallery
06-Feb-23 09-Feb-23 Bridge Closure for Maintenance
26-Jan-23 17-Feb-23 Chingay Fireworks Setup and Removal Works & Water Closure Timings
25-Jan-23 25-Jan-23 Closure of Sustainable Singapore Gallery on 25 Jan 2023
21-Jan-23 21-Jan-23 Chinese New Year Closure for Barrage Cove (2023)
16-Jan-23 16-Jan-23 Lighting Repair and Maintenance Works at Various Locations Along Singapore / Geylang River
12-Jan-23 16-Jan-23 2023 Singapore Canoe Marathon
12-Jan-23 18-Jan-23 Bridge Closure for Maintenance
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