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Pang Sua Pond


Carried out in tandem with the People’s Association’s upgrading work for the Senja-Cashew Community Club, this project aims to improve the connectivity within and around Pang Sua Pond and bring residents closer to water so that they can better appreciate and cherish our water resources.

​The enhancements included a boardwalk fo​r residents to jog or walk, viewing decks that lends a panoramic view of the water body and a stage for performances and community events by the water. ABC Waters design features such as floating wetlands that improve water quality and enhance the biodiversity of the pond have been included.

Pang Sua Pond

Community Outreach


Utilising the W5 Cluster Schools funding, Teck Whye Primary School co-developed a Math trail and training workshop ​​​at ABC Waters @ Pang Sua Pond. The Math department educators from five other primary schools within the cluster attended the pilot trail and workshop to experience outdoor learning of math topics through nature and learn how to design their own school trails beyond the session.

Educators learning about the floating wetlands at Pang Sua Pond during the learning trail.