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Kolam Ayer ABC Waterfront


The first project under the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters Programme, Kolam Ayer ABC Waterfront was officially opened to the public in April 2008. The project features a makeover of a 200-metre stretch of the Kallang River. Floating look-out decks and interactive water features such as the Archimedes Screw and Water Wheel allow residents to get closer to the water.

How to get there



Services 13, 23, 31, 64, 65, 66, 125, 133, 147, 857, 985 and NR6

Water Activities


To encourage residents to get close to our waters, the Kolam Ayer Community Sports Club together with Kolam Ayer Whampoa South RC and Active Ageing Committee conduct monthly kayaking clinic for residents on the 1st Saturday of each month.

Water Activities

Be Considerate, ​Fish Responsibly


Reservoirs and waterways are common spaces to be shared among various users. Exercising a little consideration goes a long way in making our water bodies a safe and pleasant environment for all to enjoy.

  • ​​Fish only at ​designated areas
  • Use only artificial bait at reservoirs
  • Cast lures with care to avoid injuring others
  • Fly fishing is not allowed
  • ​Give way to pedestrians using the same pathway
  • Use only carbon steel microbarb or barbless hooks and practice catch and release where possible
  • Discard unwanted fishing lines, hooks and other rubbish into litter bins
  • Otters may be spotted. Do not harm them
  • Children should be accompanied by adults​​

  • Note: ​New designated areas for fishing have been introduced under a trial
​ ​​
Fishing Map​​

Fishing Map​​

Community Outreach


Kolam Ayer Citizens' Consultative Committee takes great ownership of the ABC Waterfront and kayak shed. Regular kayak clinics are conducted for their residents and enthusiasts. The committee also supports the annual Singapore World Water Day with kayaking and litter-picking expedition.

Water Activities

Residents participating in a kayaking expedition during Singapore World Water Day