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Kranji Reservoir

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Opened for fishing in 1985, Kranji Reservoir Park has two fishing grounds. Other than being a great fishing ground, Kranji Reservoir Park is also steeped in Singapore's history. A war memorial plaque commemorates the Battle of Kranji. Under the ABC Waters Programme, the facilities at Kranji Reservoir has been upgraded with improvements to the toilets, car parks and area lighting to enhance visitors experience to the reservoir and park.

How to get there



Services 925, 925C from Woodlands Regional Interchange.

Be Considerate, Fish Responsibly


Reservoirs and waterways are common spaces to be shared among various users. Exercising a little consideration goes a long way in making our water bodies a safe and pleasant environment for all to enjoy.

  • ​​Fish only at ​designated areas
  • Use only artificial bait at reservoirs
  • Cast lures with care to avoid injuring others
  • Fly fishing is not allowed
  • ​Give way to pedestrians using the same pathway
  • Use only carbon steel microbarb or barbless hooks and practice catch and release where possible
  • Discard unwanted fishing lines, hooks and other rubbish into litter bins
  • Otters may be spotted. Do not harm them
  • Children should be accompanied by adults​
Fishing Map

Fishing Map

Community Volunteer Group


Since adopting Kranji Reservoir in 2008, the Nature Society (Singapore) (NSS) has displayed a strong commitment towards protecting and preserving this natural habitat. NSS educates the public on nature through regular bird-watching and nature walks at the Kranji marshlands. NSS volunteers, including individuals from corporations such as Bloomberg and Deutsche Bank Singapore, also assist PUB in habitat restoration of Kranji Wetland. They remove undesirable vegetation in inlets and streams, thereby creating more water spaces for wildlife to flourish. The unwanted vegetation is then transferred to a local organic farm as compost and mulch material.

Community Volunteer Group