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Pang Sua Canal

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The Pang Sua Canal has been given a makeover under the ABC Waters Programme, with softscaping and naturalisation of the concrete edges. A new fishing and viewing deck was built for residents in the area to enjoy, while a section of the canal has been converted to a rock stream.

How to get there



NR3, 3N, 302 from Yew Tee MRT Station.


Yew Tee MRT Station

​​​Be Considerate, Fish Responsibly


Reservoirs and waterways are common spaces to be shared among various users. Exercising a little consideration goes a long way in making our water bodies a safe and pleasant environment for all to enjoy.

  • ​​Fish only at ​designated areas
  • Use only artificial bait at reservoirs
  • Cast lures with care to avoid injuring others
  • Fly fishing is not allowed
  • Give way to pedestrians using the same pathway
  • Use only carbon steel microbarb or barbless hooks and practice catch and release where possible
  • Discard unwanted fishing lines, hooks and other rubbish into litter bins
  • Otters may be spotted. Do not harm them
  • Children should be accompanied by adults​

Fishing Map​​​
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​​​Community Outreach​


As Friend of Water, Goh Sin Guan Huat (a local construction company) adopted Pang Sua Canal in October 2016 and conducted its first annual clean up on the first Sunday of October to educate staff and workers on the importance of keeping the waterways clean. ​​

(Top) Employees of Goh Sin Guan Huat conducting their annual clean up at Pang Sua Canal.