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Maintenance of ABC Waters Design Features​

ABC Waters design features are natural treatment system of plants soil that detain and cleanse rainwater runoff​.

These ABC Waters design features need to be monitored, inspected and maintained regularly to sustain their functions and benefits. This set of videos aims to serve as a guide for industry professionals, maintenance agents and contractors on how inspection and maintenance of these features are carried out on site.

Check out the videos below to learn more.​


Bio-Retention Systems

Bio-Retention Basins Maintenance – Hardscape Components​


Bio-Retention Basins Maintenance – Softscape Components


Bio-Retention Swale Maintenance – Hardscape Components​


B​io-Retention Basins Maintenance – Softscape Components


Vegetated Swales

Maintenance of Vegetated Swales


Constructed Wetlands and Cleansing Biotopes

​Constructed Wetlands – ​Hardscape Components​​​​


Constructed Wetlands & Cleansing Biotopes – Softscape Components


Cleansing Biotopes – Hardscape Components​