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Process Flow


Under the Sewerage and Drainage Act, QPs (Qualified Persons) or PEs (Professional Engineers) are required to submit detailed building plans to PUB for clearance related to any building and structural works. This is necessary to:

  • minimise flood risk to developments
  • ensure that the premises are served by proper sanitation thereby to safeguard public health and water resources.

Click here for overview of the submission process from Development Control (DC) to Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) (Effective from 1 Jan 2017).

With the aim to improve service standards, PUB has classified the Development Projects as major or minor for Sanitary, Sewerage, Drainage matters. This allows for more efficient processing through separate tracks.

i). The Sanitary and Sewerage matters for development is considered minor if it meets all the following criterion.

  • Single residential, shophouse or simple infrastructure projects that do not generate used water or change of use (e.g. conversion of void deck to Child Care Centre)
  • Has used-water discharge flow rate of less than 2 litres per second
  • Development has three storeys or less

ii). The Drainage matters for the development is considered minor if it meets all the following criterion.

  • Development area is less than 0.2 Ha
  • No linkage to special facilities e.g. MRT station
  • No Drainage Reserve affected

iii). All other projects are classified as major for Sanitary, Sewerage, Drainage matters.

iv. For minor projects, QPs may submit the both DC and detailed plans (DP) at the same time. This allows for shorter processing time.

Simplified Submission (Effective 1 Jan 2017 Onwards)

Simplified Submissions allow for reduced processing time for simple projects. The QP may lodge the SS and receive a system generated acknowledgement within a day.

Simplified Submission (SS) is a lodgement based on the QP's declaration. QP is reminded to check thoroughly before making submission for the project. Upon request by PUB, the QP may be required to provide his plans for audit. For proposal that does not meet any of the SS criteria, Development Control submission shall be made.

Upon completion of work, QP is required to make a submission for PUB TOP clearance.

Sewerage and Sanitary
A Simplified Submission may be submitted for Sanitary, Sewerage matters for the following types of projects:

A) A/A works to be single landed residential house, factory (excluding workers' dormitory) or shops (excluding food shops or food establishments) that involves only construction works/activities within the existing building meeting the following criteria

  • The new or alteration to the sanitary facilities and sanitary pipes fully comply with the Code of Practice on Sewerage and Sanitary
  • There are no buildings/structures/piling works outside the existing buildings that affect the public sewer/combined sanitary drainline.
  • There is no change to drainline connection to public sewer
  • There is no proposal of on-site facilities such as retention tank, holding tank and sewerage treatment plant (STP).
  • The total discharge of used water will not exceed 2 litres/second (including ejector system)

B) New erection or reconstruction of single-landed residential house, such as single unit of terrace house, semi-detached house, bungalow that meets the following conditions.

  • There is no public sewer or combined sanitary drainline within the lot
  • Reuse existing drainline connection which is connected to the public sewer located at public area. However, if the existing drainline connection is to the neighbour's inspection chamber, the QP is to pre-consult with PUB and obtain a written advice before SS is made. The written advice is to be included together with the SS.
  • There is no new sewer proposed.
  • There is no proposal for on-site facilities such as retention tank, holding tank and sewerage treatment plant (STP).
  • Total discharge of used water will not exceed 2 litres/second (including ejector system)

C) Erection of external structures such as covered linkway, bus shelter, pedestrian overhead bridge (POB)

  • No works proposed within the sewer setback

A Simplified Submission may be submitted for Drainage matters if the projects meet the following criterion:

A. A&A works to an existing building involving only the construction of additional floors without reconstructing the first storey and where there are no linkages to special underground facilities.

B. External structures that are:

  • Not affecting public drain (i.e. at least 300mm away from drain wall)
  • Not within Drainage Reserve
  • Not affected by drain receiving runoff from neighbouring lots

Click here for Simplified Submission Process flow.

Deviation from Code of Practice

In the event that it is necessary to seek deviations from the Code of Practice due to site constraints, QPs are to seek PUB’s approval for the deviations.

  • Please provide all the relevant technical information (such as photos, drawings and plans)
  • PUB would assess and reply based on the information provided.

QPs who do not follow the correct process and procedure may encounter delays in the processing of their submission when the case is rejected due to non-compliance.