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Simplified Submission Process


Step 1: Simplified Submission
QP makes Simplified Submission (SS) lodgement no plan with the PUB-DCCLR form for Sanitary, Sewerage and/or Drainage matters.

Step 2: Clearance Certificate
1. Acknowledgement Letter will be issued by system.
2. If Development Control (DC) required for other area, combined certificate/acknowledgement issued after clearance for DC obtained.
3. Please note that QP may be required to provide his plans upon request for audit purposes.

Step 3: Detailed Plan (DP)
DP submission is not required for area(s) which QP made SS.

Step 4: TOP/CSC
1. QP to make submission for TOP and CSC clearance except for projects which do not require TOP and CSC.
2. SS submissions will be subjected to audit.
3. For submissions that do not comply with the Sewerage and Drainage Act and regulations or COP, the QP will have to rectify.