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Licensed Plumbers

Application for Water Service Plumber Licence

To apply for a Water Service Plumber Licence, you must have either one of the following requisites:


(i) Possess a Builder Certificate in Plumbing & Pipefitting / Trade Diploma in Plumbing Technology issued by the BCA Academy / NITEC in Facility Technology issued by ITE or other such qualifications that may be acceptable to PUB; and


(ii) Two years' relevant post-qualification plumbing experience which may include concurrent experience while undergoing training. You must show proof that you were working under a Licensed Plumber's supervision during that period



Possess an Advanced Builder Certificate in Plumbing & Pipefitting issued by the BCA Academy or such other qualifications as may be acceptable to PUB.


Shortlisted applicants who meet the qualifications and requirements above shall sit for an oral examination. The applicants shall pay a non-refundable fee of $20/- for the examination. They will be tested on

  • Public Utilities Act
  • Public Utilities (Water Supply) Regulations
  • Singapore Standard CP48 - Code of Practice for Water Services
  • Handbook on Application for Water Supply
  • Knowledge of plumbing practicesWater Sample Testing

Licence registration exercises are held in June and December every year. Eligible applicants may submit their applications anytime of the year. All applicants will be notified of their results within two weeks after the closing date of each intake.

Registration for June 2017's in-take will close on 28 April 2017.

Medisave Contributions

Under the CPF Act, the CPF Board requires all self-employed persons to pay Medisave contributions as long as they earn a yearly net trade income of more than $6,000.

For application of new licences or conversion to lifetime licences, applicants should ensure that they have paid up their Medisave liabilities or have arranged for payment by instalment.

Please log on to to learn more on Medisave for the Self-Employed Scheme and to check the Medisave payment status for licence application.

Application Submissions

You can submit your application for water service plumber licence ONLINE.

Alternatively, you can submit the form to the address below. Click here to download the application form and send the completed form to :

Attn : Senior Engineer
Inspectorate Branch
Water Supply (Network) Department
40 Scotts Road #10-01
Singapore 228231

For enquiries, email:

Lifetime Licence and Refresher Course

As of 1 Jan 2011, all water service plumber licences issued or renewed by PUB will be valid for life. It is mandatory for Licensed Water Service Plumbers (LWSPs) to attend a refresher course once in every three years. Otherwise the licence validity may be void.

  • New LWSPs are required to pay a one-time fee of S$90 to PUB for lifetime licence upon passing the examination.
  • Existing LWSPs are required to pay a one-time fee of $90 to PUB to convert to lifetime licence when their current licence expires.
  • An LWSP who is 65 years or older is required to obtain certification from a Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP) once in every three years certifying him fit to carry out and/or supervise plumbing works. Click here to download the RMP form.

LWSPs have to ensure that they complete the refresher course timely. Failure to fulfil course commitment or submit the certificate from the RMP to PUB may result in the cancellation of their licences.

Training and Certification Courses

The Water Service Plumber Course and Pipeline Detection Course are conducted by PUB.

  • The Water Service Plumber Course enables participants to acquire the necessary knowledge that will help them in their work as licensed water service plumbers.
  • The Pipeline Detection Course enables participants to acquire the necessary skills and techniques of pipeline detection.

The Builder Certificate in Plumbing & Pipefitting and the Advanced Builder Certificate in Plumbing & Pipefitting are BCA Academy courses.

For more information on these courses, please visit BCA Academy website or contact their Marketing Unit at Tel: 1800-2587092.

Search for Licensed Water Service Plumbers

PUB advises the public to engage only water service plumbers licensed by PUB for any water service plumbing works. The public can refer to the following list for both water service and sanitary plumbing works:

Do note that PUB does not license plumbers for sanitary plumbing works.