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​​​DTSS Phase 1DTSS Phase 2
Ben​efit 1: Synergies 
​DTSS has allowed each drop of used w​​ater to be collected, treated and further purified into NEWater, Singapore’s own brand of reclaimed water.

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DTSS Phase1
  • - ​The Tuas WRP will be co-located with National Environment Agency’s (NEA) Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF) to harness the potential synergies of integrating used water and solid waste treatment while optimising land use. Sludge from the WRP will be sent next door to the IWMF to be incinerated.

  • - This is Singapore’s first initiative to integrate used water and solid waste treatment processes. This efforts will maximise both energy and resource recovery and minimise land footprint.

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DTSS Phase2
​Benefit 2: Optimising land use​
The phasing out of existing intermediate used water pumping stations and conventional WRPs frees up the previously occupied lands for other higher value developments.

The implementation of the entire DTSS will result in a 50% reduction in land taken up by used water infrastructure once it is fully completed.

With the completion of DTSS Phase 1, land used to site the WRPs and the intermediate used water pumping stations has shrunk from 300 ha in the 1990s to 190 ha.

With Phase 2 in place, the land needed will eventually be reduced to about 150 ha, equivalent to about 214 football fields.

Compact design of the Changi Water Reclamation Plant (Changi WRP) is just one-third the size of a conventional plant. 
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Optimising Land Use
Benefit 3: Environmental Protection
​By enhancing the reliability of used water system, it minimises the risk of cross contamination between the water catchments and used water system.

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Environmental Protection
​Benefit 4: Ensuring NEWater Sustainability
​By collecting every drop of used water, DTSS allows for efficient, large-scale water recycling, thus ensuring the sustainability of NEWater. With NEWater facilities integrated with the Tuas WRP, DTSS ensures water sustainability and resilience by contributing to the goal of increasing the overall water recycling rate​ in the long term. 

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Ensuring NEWater Sustainability
​​Benefit 5: Growing Singapore's Industry Capabilities 
DTSS Phase 1 involved over 300 local and international contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to work on its construction. This experience enabled them to build their track record and pitch for bigger projects in Singapore and overseas.
​DTSS Phase 2 would also involve and tap on many local and international partners’ expertise to deliver the project of such scale and complexity.​​​​​​
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