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Tuas Water Reclamation Plant


​​The advanced Tuas WRP will receive used water flows from the western part of Singapore by gravity via two separate deep tunnels – a tunnel to convey domestic (municipal) used water and another to convey high-strength industrial used water. These two sources of used water will be treated separately.

Domestic used water will be treated at a 650,000m3/day (or 143 mgd) module and then further purified to NEWater, while industrial used water will be treated at a 150,000m3/day (or 33mgd) module to become industrial water and sent back to industries for reuse. ​

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About Tuas Nexus
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​​PUB, the National Water Agency, and the National Environment Agency (NEA) are building, by 2025, an integrated development comprising of Tuas Water Reclamation Plant and the Integrated Waste Management Facility (TWRP-IWMF), collectively known as the “Tuas Nexus”. Tuas Nexus is a first-in-the-world greenfield development, which integrates two complex facilities to reap synergies resulting in improved efficiencies, lower costs and reduced carbon footprint. ​