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Radio Control and Electric Boat


Since 2004, PUB has progressively opened up its reservoirs for water sports and activities such as kayaking, dragon boating, fishing and radio control sailing and electric boating under the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Programme. By bringing the community closer to water, they can better cherish and appreciate this precious resource. Radio control sailing and electric boating is permitted at the reservoirs listed below.


Click to view the designated radio control sailing and electric boating locations at the respective reservoirs.

Bedok Reservoir



Lower Seletar Reservoir


Pandan Reservoir


Please observe the following while having fun:
1.  Use only electric boats to maintain the reservoir's water quality
2. For the safety of visitors, launch boats only from this deck and remove boats from the water if they are not in use
3. Carry out activities within designated areas
4. Ensure that children are accompanied by adults

We encourage everyone to be considerate and to ensure that your actions do not cause inconvenience to others. We should do our part in keeping the environment clean.

For more information on reservoir etiquette and safety guidelines, please refer to this list [PDF].

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