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Friends of Water


In Singapore, everyone needs to contribute in one way or another to ensure that there is enough water for many generations to come. Friends of Water aims to recognise, inspire and encourage community stewardship of the nation’s water resources. When everyone plays a part, a little effort goes a long way. If you care for water and take positive actions for the water cause, you can be recognised as a Friend of Water. Any individual or organisation can be a Friend of Water.

Making it a Team Effort

As a Friend of Water, you will get first-hand information from experts on water-related topics and be invited to training workshops. You will meet others, who like you, want to help. There will be opportunities to make friends with many different groups of people and to help them appreciate water. You can

  • take part in PUB's events and programmes 
  • adopt a reservoir, canal or drain and care for the community space
  • start your own activity programme to educate others
Becoming Friends of Water

Any participant of PUB's programmes will automatically qualify as a Friend of Water. Once recognised, an official electronic certificate will be issued to you or your organisation. Alternatively, if you have done something for the water cause and wish to be recognised for your efforts, do write to us.

Please include your full name, NRIC/FIN, mailing address and contact number and we will be in touch. Issuing electronic certificates are in line with our efforts to reduce paper wastage and be more eco-friendly. However, if you wish to have a hard copy of the certificate delivered to you, you may write to us with your request.