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Encouraging Our Residents

Grassroots play an important and inspirational role on a constituency level. They encourage residents to take ownership of our precious water resource and use water wisely. They also highlight to residents the importance of keeping our drains and waterways clean.

Get Involved Grassroots

Inspiring individuals like Peter Lo (Canberra CCC Environment Committee) help to spread water conservation messages and teach residents how to install water-saving devices in their homes

Get Involved Grassroots

Kolam Ayer residents enjoying and appreciating our waters by kayaking for Singapore World Water Day

Get Involved Grassroots

Residents enjoying a walk and getting a close peek of the migratory birds at Kranji Marshlands facilitated by a Friend of Water, Nature Society Singapore (NSS)

Providing Feedback

Should residents encounter any water-related issues in their homes (e.g. low water pressure, water leak, broken pipe) or would like to provide feedback, contact us.

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