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Resource Kits for All Levels


The children learn about how precious water is and the good behaviours that keep our waters clean, and how they can start taking small actions to save water.​

​Primary Sch​ools​

The children have fun brainstorming game ideas to share the water message and they also learn how environmental features of a raingarden helps to clean water through filtration and improve water quality.​​​ 



Students learn about Singapore's water manageme​nt through self-directed learning activities such as water quiz or a debate about the future of our waters.


​Tertiary Schools

Students get close to our waters and discover fascinating elements of water quality and flow of the waterways in Singapore. They learn the essentials of water quality collection data and how they are necessary for water treatment plants.  ​


​ ABC Waters Learning Trails

This is an outreach programme to schools on the ABC Waters Learning Trails for Secondary schools. To inspire and nurture more water advocates, the SEC School Green Awards (SGA) - an environmental audit programme for all Singapore schools - will provide schools with the option to come onboard PUB's Our Waters programme and gain points under the audit award when they do more for the water cause.​

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