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Watermark Awards


In 2007, the Watermark Awards was introduced to recognise individuals as well as organisations (private sector companies, grassroots organisations, educational institutions, public agencies and non-governmental organisations or NGOs) for their outstanding contributions and commitment to protect and raise awareness of Singapore’s precious water resources.


Exemplary individuals or organisations with extraordinary contributions towards Singapore's water sustainability can apply for the prestigious Watermark Awards.

This year's application period was from 1 September to 7 October 2016

You can refer to the application guidelines and nomination forms below:

For enquiries, please contact us at: 

Watermark Award Secretariat
3PN Dept (PUB),  Environment Building
40 Scotts Road, #22-01
Singapore 228231

Award Recipients

The 2017 Watermark Awards recipients are:

Nee Soon South Clean and Green Committee
Advocating water conservation in community

Residents are encouraged to adopt water saving habits
Nee Soon South Clean and Green Committee encourages their residents to adopt water saving habits, and reduce their water consumption below the national average during house visits. 

The Nee Soon South Clean and Green Committee promotes water sustainability within its community by organising related exhibitions, making house visits and sharing save water information at new citizens' induction programme. The Committee has also initiated the Nee Soon South Water Saving Contest to encourage their residents from 14,000 households to be more water wise. Their target is to bring the neighbourhood's water consumption below the national average. 

This committee also co-organised Singapore World Water Day (SWWD) 2017 at Yishun Pond with PUB and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, where more than 300 residents participated in the learning trails and clean ups. 

Pratt & Whitney
Raising awareness for water sustainability

Pratt & Whitney cuts down on water usage in the company
Pratt & Whitney utilises water reduction technologies to cut down water usage in the company. 

Pratt & Whitney , an 
aero-engine company, is a strong advocate for environment sustainability, in particular, promoting efficient water use in the organization. It has invested in water reduction technologies and water saving devices to cut down usage. It introduced vacuum distillation at four facilities to help reduce and manage water waste by removing harmful substances from waste water and allowing the treated water to flow back into the water system. 

Last year, Pratt & Whitney decreased water usage across its Singapore operations by 8% or over 2.7 million gallons. The company is working towards its 2025 sustainability goals, and aims to attain greenhouse emissions reduction of 80 per cent, zero waste – that is, 100 per cent recycled, and water consumption by 80 per cent from 2006, according to Mr Kevin Kirkpatrick, executive director of Pratt & Whitney Aftermarket Operations, Asia. 

Pratt & Whitney's initiatives also include community activities to raise awareness of water conservation among employees and local schools. The company collaborates with Waterways Watch Society and has provided green grants of more than S$40,000 for water conservation education to date. Besides funding, it develops educational materials while employees take on the role of teachers to share information on saving water.

Singapore Prison Service
Charting the right course

Watermark Awards Singapore Prison Service
Singapore Prison Service installs the Utilities Central Monitoring System to monitor water usage in all prisons clusters.

The Singapore Prison Service (SPS) has put in concerted efforts to make water conservation a key part of its operations and process. It established a Water Efficiency Management Systems (WEMS) Committee and framework with dedicated manpower and resources to ensure that water efficiency goals and objectives are met. 

SPS had achieved 12.8% water savings in 2016 as compared to 2013, through a combination of raising awareness of water conservation and water saving initiatives, such as the use of water-efficient products and services. For example, SPS installed the Utilities Central Monitoring System which monitors water usage at prisons, and the changing of water fittings in all of its prison clusters and workshops to ensure more efficient flow rates. 

All of the prisons are Water Efficient Building (WEB) Basic certified. In 2015, SPS achieved Water Efficient Building (Gold) Certification for Cluster C, which consists of Tanah Merah Prison and Changi Women Prison. Moving on, SPS targets to progressively improve the Water Efficient Building (Gold) standard good practices at all other prisons. 

Tampines North Primary School
Fostering water stewardship from young

Water conservation habits being practised by students of Tampines North Pri Sch
Tampines North Primary School inculcates water conservation habits among students to raise students' awareness in environmental conservation.
Through its environment education programme "Green for Life" (G4Life) since 2012, Tampines North Primary School has been promoting water stewardship and inculcating water conservation efforts among students as part of its efforts to raise students' awareness in environmental conservation. 

To conserve water, the school has implemented measures such as drip irrigation for landscaping, used thimbles and inserted a filled bottle in the flushing tank. The school has also involved parent volunteers in its outreach programme to kindergarten children to share on the importance of using water wisely on their visits to the school.

Moving forward, Tampines North Primary School intends to set up a learning station for rainwater harvesting to teach students how to conserve and better use Singapore's limited natural water resource. 

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