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Watermark Award


In 2007, the Watermark Award was introduced to recognise individuals as well as organisations (private sector companies, grassroots organisations, educational institutions, public agencies and non-governmental organisations or NGOs) for their outstanding contributions and commitment to protect and raise awareness of Singapore’s precious water resources.


Exemplary individuals or organisations with extraordinary contributions towards Singapore's water sustainability can apply for the prestigious Watermark Award.

This year's application period was from 1 September to 7 October 2016

You can refer to the application guidelines and nomination forms below:

For enquiries, please contact us at: 

Watermark Award Secretariat
3PN Dept (PUB),  Environment Building
40 Scotts Road, #22-01
Singapore 228231

Award Recipients

The 2016 Watermark Award recipients are:

CH2M Singapore
Advocating Water Sustainability

CH2M Singapore in discussions with GUI at the Kampung Kampus site

CH2M Singapore makes it part of their corporate culture to advocate environmental causes, in particular, the water cause. This is evident in their continual efforts to promote water sustainability in the community. One of their recent initiatives include providing pro-bono design and engineering services to Ground-Up Initiative (GUI), a not-for-profit organisation, in building Kampung Kampus. When built, this site will have ABC Waters Design features such as a vegetated swale which can help to clean and convey rainwater runoff.

In 2013, CH2M Singapore designed two raingardens at Woodgrove Secondary School. Through co-organised workshops with the school, the company continues to share the benefits of raingardens with students from other secondary schools. To complement its effort in water sustainability, CH2M Singapore also organises river clean-ups with the Waterways Watch Society

Fernvale Primary School
Cultivating tomorrow’s blue warriors

Installed at the school’s canteen is an exhibition cum mini pond on the Singapore Water Story

A firm believer in fostering a sense of water stewardship among our children from young, Fernvale Primary School infused, in 2014, an Environment Education Programme into the curriculum across all levels. As a result, since 2015, the school has been recognised for its work in water sustainability under the Ministry of Education’s Learning for Life programme. Their efforts include a permanent exhibition on the Singapore Water Story and imparting good water conservation habits to students through colourful 3D water-themed artworks that don the school’s staircases.

Since 2012, Fernvale’s total annual water consumption has reduced by about 40%. It is now among the top 10% in terms of most water efficient primary schools in Singapore.

To further their cause, the school continues to support events such as Singapore World Water Day and the National Environment and Water Quiz, and is also looking to invest in rainwater harvesting in the future.

Pei Hwa Secondary School
Going the extra mile for water

Students from Pei Hwa Secondary School using technology to lead an ABC Waters Learning Trail at Sengkang Floating Wetland

In 2015, Pei Hwa Secondary School achieved PUB’s Water Efficient Building (Silver) Certification. As a water-efficient school, it has several water saving initiatives in its bag. These include having a vertical garden with an auto-irrigation system as well as adoption of push taps and dual-flush cisterns. They also secure filled water bottles in flushing cisterns and adjust water pressure valves to further cut water usage. To raise awareness and motivate the school population to save water, its water usage charts are pinned up on noticeboards in the school canteen.

The school actively conducts ABC Waters Learning Trail at their adopted Sengkang Floating Wetland for other schools and the community as well as foreign delegates. Beyond this, the school continues to create platforms for its students to participate and lead in water efforts. This includes sharing of water messages during morning assembly and supporting Singapore World Water Day celebrations by organising events to bring the community closer to water.

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