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About Global HydroHub


Led by PUB and Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), an initiative uniting the government organisations, private companies and research institutes to grow Singapore into a thriving global hydrohub began in 2006. Formerly known as the Environment & Water Industry Programme Office, it started with a 10-year funding totalling to S$470 million from the National Research Foundation (NRF). 


  • Promote water research and developm​ent
  • Grow the industry
  • Position Singapore as the global R&D base for water solutions
Research, Innovation and Enterprise Plan 2020

​In 2016, the NRF added S$200 million to the Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) ​​2020 Plan's water sector, bringing the overall funding to S$670 million.

Under this Plan, water, energy, as well as land and liveability research activities will be part of the Urban Solutions and Sustainability (USS) domain. The domain looks at taking an integrated response to our urban challenges, and providing holistic support of Singapore's future growth, liveability and resilience.​ 

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