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Competitive Funding for Water Research


​The Competitive Funding for Water Research (CWR) is a funding scheme that funds basic/applied R&D projects that possess potential in developing innovative and novel solutions for the water industry. It is part of Singapore's Research, Innovation, and Enterprise (RIE) Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions
​What is the aim of CWR?

CWR aims to fund basic/applied R&D projects that possess potential in developing innovative and novel solutions for water industry. ​

How are projects awarde​d?
PUB launches Request-for-Proposals (RFPs) in specific areas and/or in the open category. 

​Proposals received from the RFP will be evaluated by CWR's Project Evaluation Panel (PEP), which comprises local and international members. Proposals are evaluated based on their technical merits and other evaluation criteria stipulated for award following closure of the RFP. ​

Who can apply for this funding?
All Singapore-based companies, tertiary education institutions, research institutes and public agencies are eligible for this funding.​

What does the funding cover? 
CWR provides grants to support costs arising from the projects such as manpower, equipment investment, trainings and conferences.​