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Request For Proposal (RFP 1804)

RFP 1804

PUB has launched an Open RFP i.e. RFP 1804 on 01 Nov 2018 which has two focus areas, namely;​

  • Focus Area 1: To solicit new R&D ideas and technologies at bench scale across the water loop.
  • ​Focus Area 2: To support the translation/scale up of promising technologies in water field.

The RFP comprises two stage submissions, with Stage One being the white paper submission and Stage Two being the full proposal submission for shortlisted proposals from Stage One.

Stage One applications were closed on 04 Jan 2019. Evaluation of white papers is currently on-going. Shortlisted applicants will be notified and invited to submit their full research proposal under Stage Two.

Up to S$30million from the National Research Foundation (NRF) has been allocated to fund projects under this RFP. ​