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Funding & Benefits


In order to support companies with innovative solutions to collaborate with PUB, we have lined up pilot funding, mentors, data, test sites, and other resources to support pilot projects.


Pilot Funding


PUB is committed to providing funding support to help cover the costs of development and test-bedding. This includes manpower, equipment and material costs. Shortlisted companies will receive initial funding of up to SG$250,000 for each pilot project.

Where the company already has basic technological components of the prototype or even a ready solution, the funding can be used to refine the solution based on the site requirements. The solution shall be developed to have systems and processes in place to support actual operations. By the end of the project, a system or process demonstration is carried out in an operational environment.

Where the company needs to perform activities involving design, development and controlled testing of technological components, the funding can be used for hardware and other development and testing. By the end of the prototyping phase, basic technological components shall be integrated to establish that they will work together. The resulting prototype is expected to have relatively “low fidelity” in comparison with the eventual system.

More information on the pilot requirements for each challenge is provided under Challe​nges​.

Upon being selected for funding through the PUB Global Innovation Challenge, companies can submit their funding request along with a detailed pilot proposal. The proposal and funding request will then be reviewed by PUB’s Project Evaluation Panel. More than one company per challenge could eventually receive the funding.

The awardees will be required to propose a payment schedule based on significant milestones, so that payment can be made progressively throughout the pilot project upon attainment of each milestone.

If the pilot project proves to be successful, the awardee will have access to additional funding for further development and testing, or contracts for deployment of the solution.

Mentorship by PUB experts​


Test-bedding opportunities


Commercialisation Opportunities