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Architecture at the Barrage


Marina Barrage is a unique project that brings three benefits a new source of water supply, flood control and a lifestyle attraction. Come to the Barrage to enjoy the vast space, interesting architecture, exceptional art works and spectacular view of Singapore's city skyline.

Marina Barrage City Skyline 

​ ​
Central Courtyard

The Central Courty​ard is located in the middle of the Barrage. The location offers a spectacular view of Singapore’s city skyline with a water feature. Ideal for outdoor events like parties, corporate functions, award presentations and performances. ​​

​​Marina Barrage Central

Marina Bridge

Marina Barrage is an engineering marvel which spans the Marina Channel and allows visitors to walk across both reservoir and sea all at once. The nine crest gates are housed under the Marina Bridge. Consisting of nine 88 foot (26.8m) hydraulically operated steel crest gates spanned across the Marina Channel and seven 40 cubic metres per second drainage pumps housed within the pump building. Construction began in early 2005 and many measures were put in place to ensure that all operations would be carried out smoothly and safely.​

Marina Barrage Bridge 

The Pump House

The Pump House at Marina Barrage uses glass and louvers for its external walls so that the interior is lit by natural lighting. This also eliminates the need for air-conditioning and reduces electricity consumption and operation costs.

Marina Barrage PumpHouse  

Water Playground

Located next to the children water play area, the Water Playground offers one of the best views of the Singapore city skyline. Children can also play at the fun water play area which has a map of the Marina Catchment. Sheltered by part of the Green Roof, the venue is most suited for parties, corporate functions, and award presentations.

​​​Water Playground