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Arts Trail

Splash @ Marina 2008


This 6.95-metre high sculpture consists of painting on an actual-sized replica of the seven pumps operating in Marina Barrage.​

Splash@Marina symbolises a cohesive nation. The pool of water, which is formed by many water droplets, represents one people joining hands. The painting of the fireworks conveys the celebration of light and life, while the wind is the force pulling everyone towards a common goal. The artist, Lim Poh Teck, also wrote the word "Water" in different languages so that visitors from around the world would be welcomed to Marina Barrage in their own language.

Wasser Zylinder, 2008


Made up of three water cylinders, Wasser Zylinder symbolizes the connection between the shores of Marina South and Marina East. When half-filled, each cylinder, measuring 1.8 metres in diameter, rolls over and empties itself before rolling back to its original position. This to-and-fro movement contrasts with the tidal surge of water released from the crest gates. ​

Wind and water are constant elements in all of Bernward Frank’s kinetic sculptures. His public kinetic sculptures are mainly found in Germany. Wasser Zylinder is one of the first to be commissioned and displayed outside of Europe. Taking his inspiration from children’s toys, the artist chose to use cheerful colours for the cylinders.​​

Beneficence 3, 2005


Commissioned for the launch of construction on Marina Barrage, Beneficence 3 was unveiled by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew in 2005. The artist, Iskandar Jalil, made the three vessels from local clay. They signify the three pillars of Singapore’s well-being - commerce, culture and the environment. They also represent the three benefits derived from the barrage - water supply, flood control and lifestyle attraction.

Iskandar Jalil is one of the most prominent ceramists in Southeast Asia. He grew up near the Kallang River and still loves to stroll along the banks of the now clean river. When asked to work on this project, he was immediately inspired to create a vessel with gently trickling water. The pots were fired at a temperature of 1000˚C before being given the artist’s signature blue-green barium glaze and re-fired at 1300˚C. The shape and colour of the pots convey tranquility while the flowing water represents activity. ​​​

The Force of Nature, 2008 ed. 8/8


The Force of Nature (183 x 106 x 40 cm) depicts a woman seeking to harness the Earth and the force of nature. The sculpture symbolises the strong bond between human beings and nature as well as the need to respect and conserve nature.

Lorenzo Quinn decided to create a sculpture dedicated to Mother Nature after seeing the tsunami-ravaged coast in Thailand and the aftermath of a hurricane in the United States of America. The Force of Nature is therefore reminiscent of the statues made by early peoples as offerings to the gods in the hope of appeasing them.​​

Gold Flow


Gold Flow is a gift from the City of Vienna to Singapore to commemorate the close ties between the two cities.

This sculpture is the work of Austrian water sculptor, Hans Muhr, renowned for his fountains made from natural stones. The sculpture with its eight water jets produces a vibrant wave of water which symbolizes the power, energy and revitalizing quality of water. This art piece also epitomizes infinity, power and long life. ​

Community Wall


Community Wall was unveiled for the official opening of the Marina Barrage on 31 October 2008. The piece represents a pledge from our leaders and stakeholders to take care of Singapore’s precious water resources. It consists of about 500 tempered glass tiles. Every tile is unique, illustrating what water means to different individuals. A water-like visual effect is achieved by the glass catching sunlight in the day and spotlights at night.

Ceramic artist Jessie Lim and sculptor John Stewart Jackson envisioned a huge waterfall as the dominant design for Community Wall. Their artistic vision mirrors PUB’s hopes that all our catchments and waterways will flow continuously with clean and fresh water for all generations to come.​​​​​​

Abundance, 2008


Water through three states endlessly recycles itself in abundance. In its many forms, water shapes, moulds and nurtures. This is the inspiration behind Abundance.

Conceptualised and designed by renowned Singapore fashion designer Benny Ong, this original silk woven art piece was commissioned by PUB and unveiled by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the opening of Marina Barrage on 31 Oct 2008. ​

What Goes Around Comes Around, 2008 ed. 1/8


This sculpture (203 x 98 x 40 cm) shows a man standing on a globe with his outreached hand encircling him and the globe and returning to point at him. The art piece symbolises the need to do good, as we reap what we sow. It reflects the importance of environmental sustainability.

Lorenzo Quinn started out as a painter before turning to sculpture, which enabled him to express his creativity through three-dimensional works. He believes that his sculptures should transmit emotions and communicate with the people who view them. He obtains inspiration from the experiences of everyday life. ​​​