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Marina Reservoir


Built across the mouth of Marina Channel, Marina Barrage creates Marina Reservoir ​ Singapore’s 15th reservoir, and the first in the heart of the city. 

The catchment of Marina Reservoir is the largest and most urbanised catchment area. Together with Punggol and Serangoon reservoirs, Marina Reservoir has increased Singapore’s water catchment from half to two-thirds of the country’s land area. ​

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Reservoirs Blue Map of SG 

Water from Local Catchment is a pillar of Singapore’s water sustainability strategy, along with Imported Water, NEWater and Desalinated Water. Collectively, these four sources of water are known as the 'Four National Taps'.​​​​

Urban Stormwater Collection

Singapore is one of the few countries in the world to harvest urban stormwater on a large-scale for its water supply. Singapore has two separate systems to collect rainwater and used water. Rainwater is collected through a comprehensive network of drains, canals, rivers, stormwater collection ponds and reservoirs before it is treated for drinking water supply.

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Keeping Reservoir Clean

Marina Barrage has been PUB's most challenging reservoir project to date, as it is fed by five rivers that run through the heart of Singapore.

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​​​​​​Being a reservoir in the city, it is much more susceptible to pollution. Located close to the Central Business District and many key attractions, any pollution will therefore be highly visible. 
With these considerations in mind, many pollution control and mitigation measures were put in place, prior to the completion of Marina Reservoir. Click here​​ to find out how you can play a part to keep our waters and water catchments clean.​

Daily Maintenance

PUB conducts clean-up in the reservoir from 7am to 6pm daily to ensure that it is free of litter. There is also daily night cleaning to 11pm.

Daily Maintenance 

Daily Maintenance ​