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Frequently Asked Questions

A) General Information

1. How do I get to the Marina Barrage by public transport?

Alight at Tanjong Pagar Station by​ train and then take Bus Service 400 (located in front of International Plaza). –

A​lternatively, you may alight at Marina Bay or Downtown MRT Stations and take Bus Service 400 at M​​arina Bay Financial Centre, along Marina Boulevard.  

2. How do I get to the Marina Barrage by car/taxi?

  • ​​Head towards Central Boulevard from AYE (East Bound) into MCE (Exit 2) or ECP/KPE (Towards City) into MCE (Exit 3). 
  • Follow the road/directional signs along Central Boulevard towards Marina Gardens Drive (a right turn). 
  • Stay on Marina Gardens Drive passing by first Gardens by the Bay and Satay by the Bay on the left before reaching Marina Barrage.
  • ​Alternatively, travel from Rochor/Ophir towards ECP (West Bound) through Sheares Avenue into Central Boulevard. 

  • 3. What is the opening hours of Marina Barrage?

    The public areas at Marina Barrage are open for 24 hours except for the following locations:

    Green Roof
    Opened from 8am to 9pm (last entry at 8pm) on Mondays to Thursdays
    Opened from 8am to 10pm (last entry at 9pm) during weekends (Fridays to Sundays and Public Holidays)
    The green roof may be temporarily closed for 1 hour or longer when capacity limit is reached. Visitors are advised to call up the information counter before proceeding to Marina Barrage to avoid disappointment.
    (Updates) The capacity limits of the Green Roof will be further reduced and is expected to be closed for longer periods when capacity limit is reached. Visitors are also not allowed to gather or linger at Level 1 and Level 2 public spaces during this period. Picnics are also not allowed on the Green Roof.

    Water Playground
    The Water Playground sessions are during
    1.30pm, 3pm, 4.30pm, 6pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and;
    9am, 10.30am, 12pm, 1.30pm, 3pm, 4.30pm, 6pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays
    Each session is subjected to a maximum group size of 20 people per session, with a maximum of 8 persons allowed in any one sub-group. The time allowed in the Water Playground per session is 1 hour 15 mins. Only pre-registered visitors will be allowed entry. Registration can be done at
    (Updates) The Water Playground will be temporarily closed until further notice.

    Sustainable Singapore Gallery
    Opened from 9am to 6pm daily (closed on Tuesdays)
    Guided tours are available at every hour, except from 12pm-1pm and the last guided tour will commence at 5pm.
    Each guided tour is subjected to a maximum group size of 20 people (excluding guide), with a maximum of 8 persons allowed in any one sub-group. Only pre-registered visitors will be allowed entry. Registration can be done at
    (Updates) From 14 June 2021, guided tours will continue, subject to a maximum group size of 20 people (excluding guide), with a maximum of 5 ​persons allowed in any one sub-group.

    SafeEntry check-ins via the TraceTogether app or token is mandatory for entry to the locations above. Visitors without the TraceTogether app/token or those who are unwell/have high temperatures will not be allowed entry.

    4. Are there any shops at Marina Barrage?

    Currently, we have the Barrage Cove which sells snacks and drinks. You can also purchase kites and picnic items there. ​

    The Barrage Cove will be reopened on 10 July during weekends.

    5. Are there any carparks at Marina Barrage?

    Yes, carpark is available at the Barrage. Please find park​ing charges as follows:

    MB Parking Rates

    6. Do I need to make any arrangements with your management to picnic at Marina Barrage?

    Visitors do not have to make any special arrangement with us, prior to using our public space at the Barrage for recreational activities (i.e. picnic, kite-flying). However, please note that availability of public space is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    For group-organised activities, which consists of more than 50 people and/or if a set-up is required, please write in to with more details for approval or to book a space with us.​

B) Rental of Event Space & Function Rooms - Currently Unavailable

​7. Where can I find out more information about rental of function rooms/event space at Marina Barrage?​

Click here ​for details on the venue/event space rental rates, application forms, and terms and conditions. ​

8. Who can I speak to regarding the rental of function rooms and event spaces?

For further enquiries, please email to us at​.


9. How many people can the function room/event space fit? ​

Click here for more details on the capacity of various function rooms and event spaces in Marina Barrage. ​

10. Can I get my own food catering services while using your spaces? ​

Yes, you may. Please indicate this additional requirement in the application form. ​

Please note that no food is allowed in our indoor function rooms. Food consumption is only allowed in the outdoor areas. Arrangements for the catering should not obstruct public access and compromise public safety.​

11. How do I submit an application for space rental in Marina Barrage? ​

Click here to submit an application. For further enquiries, please email to us at ​

12. Is the rental fee reflected on your website inclusive of GST? ​

No, the event space/venue rental fees are not inclusive of GST.


​13. How can I participate in a Marina Barrage guided tour? ​

Click here to book a guided tour.

You may also approach our information counter at level 1 to enquire on the next available slot, if you are already at Marina Barrage and did not make a prior booking for the guided tour. ​

14. How long is each guided tour? ​

Each tour will usually last about an hour.​

15. I have a group size of more than 80 people. May I request for a private guided tour for the entire group?​

Currently only maximum group size of 20 per guided tour session is allowed. For group size of more than 80, please write in to​ for further assistance. ​ ​

16. What does the guided tour in Marina Barrage comprises? ​

The guided tour comprises of both indoors and outdoors tours of Marina Barrage.(Currently only indoor tour available)

Visitors will visit the revamped Sustainable Singapore Gallery to learn how to create a liveable and sustainable Singapore.

Visitors will also tour the various outdoor premises (i.e. Green Roof, Courtyard) in Marina Barrage to learn more about the functions and sustainable features of Marina Barrage.(Currently unavailable)

The guided tours will only be conducted in English. Visitors are encouraged to write in to ​in advance to request for the Mandarin tours, subject to availability​.​​

D) Activities

17. What time does the crest gates open at Marina Barrage?​

There is no predetermined schedule when the crest gates will be opened. The opening of the crest gates depends on a number of factors such as the weather conditions, the water level in the reservoir and tidal conditions. ​

18. Are bicycles and skates allowed in the Marina Barrage? ​

Yes, they are, but to ensure a safe experience for all our visitors, please note that cyclists and skaters must not speed or perform stunts that may endanger the safety of other visitors. All wheeled-activities are not allowed on the ramps of the Green Roof as well. ​

19. Are pets allowed at Marina Barrage? ​

Yes, pets are allowed in the outdoor areas, with the exception of the Water Playground. Owners are to ensure that their pets are leashed at all times and are also required to clean up after their pets.

Please note that pets are not allowed inside the Sustainable Singapore Gallery. ​

20. Are ball games allowed on the Green Roof?​

​We do not allow ball games to ensure a safe experience for all our visitors. Organised sporting games are allowed only with approval from the management.

21. I would like to do filming/photography at Marina Barrage. Do I need a permit or take note of any regulations?​

A permit or prior approval is required for doing commercial filming/photography in PUB premises. ​

Wearing of masks is mandatory unless exempted by IMDA.

If you are doing an aerial shoot, please also request for an unmanned aircraft (drone) operator flying permit from CAAS prior to applying for a filming/photography permit with PUB.

Click here to apply for the filming/photography permit.

For personal/non-commercial filming/photoshoot, a permit is not required. However, please refrain from having set-up such as chairs and fairy lights which may cause inconvenience to other visitors.

Click here for more information on Marina Barrage public space etiquette.

22. Do you allow flying of drones in Marina Barrage?​

Members of public have to comply strictly to the CAAS guidelines for recreational flying of unmanned aircraft (drone).

​Flying of drone is only allowed on the Green Roof (level 3) at Marina Barrage.​ ​​

​If the Green Roof is observed to be crowded, officers on the ground may make the call to cease drone flying due to public safety.

If you are doing an aerial shoot, please also request for an unmanned aircraft (drone) operator flying permit from CAAS. Please also refer to CAAS website for guidelines on flying of drones​​.

For further enquiries, please ​email to us at​.​

23. Are there any designated smoking areas at Marina Barrage?

Smoking is not allowed at all areas of Marina Barrage including the carpark. There is no designated smoking area at Marina Barrage.​